Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Soap Discussion - October 2012

Penultimate blog of the month and it's a soap one.

Coronation Street: A good month for this show. Even though Ryan is still painfully wooden and borderline brain dead, given how easily taken in he was by Tracy, I did find the scenes with him leaving Sophie to her fate rather effective and it's nice that after being underused for most of the year that Sophie now has an interesting storyline of her own. As for the stuff with Maria and Marcus, I don't like it to be honest, despite actually liking both characters and their friendship but I'm trying to keep an open mind here.

EastEnders: This week we had a Halloween party in the Vic but living in Walford, it's like that all year round. This month hasn't been that different what with Lola getting her baby taken off her and Phil Mitchell learning he's a grandparent (another thing for him to mess up then) while Christian and Syed's start to married life seems to be jinxed with both Danny and the latter ruining the family finances once again. Still, both of these storylines are better than the show's ill-adviced attempts of recreating the Sharon/Dennis storyline for 2012, via Lauren and the increasingly unlikeable Joey.

Emmerdale: Finally, an excellent month for the show and just in time for the 40th. Given how much of a bastard Carl King has become over the last few months, I'm not too surprised that he ended up being killed off. Though I am surprised that a character as gormless and dull as Cameron managed to do it. Still, the fallout of Cameron and Chas's uninteresting affair has been more exciting than the double weddings and births we've had this month. Hopefully, this means the show is finally back on track because this has not been a good year for it.

Hollyoaks: Okay, the bullying storyline with Esther has been one of the strongest storylines we've had over the last month and it definitely seems to be getting more severe but am I the only one who thinks Sinead has become the main instigator in this storyline? Other highlights have been Brendan and Cheryl visiting a counsellor, Nancy and Darren sorting their differences out, Riley's death, Rhys and Cindy's affair plot (though it's making Rhys into a right knob) as well as Lynsey's funeral and Doug and Ste coming to blows over the latter's horrid mother. Overall, an impressive month for storylines.

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