Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Doctor Who - Series 7 Second Half Details

I meant to post this last week but here's some information on the second half of the seventh series of Doctor Who.

Matt Smith and Jenna- Louise Coleman were filming scenes in London last week for Moffat's first 2013 episode as the Doctor and Clara get on a motorcycle and there were even some scenes with a fez. Filming for this episode has since been completed and filming has now moved onto Neil Cross's other episode, of which we know nothing about yet. Hopefully some filming pictures will surface for it.

Meanwhile Ashley Walters will be appearing in Stephen Thompson's episode, rumoured to be titled, Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS. The True Love actor did get into trouble for tweeting some things (the episode is rumoured to be TARDIS centred) and he'll be playing one of a trio of brothers called the Van Baalens, who are an intergalactic salvage crew. Also DWM 453 have confirmed the writers for the second half of Series 7 and they are ...

7x07 - Steven Moffat
7x08 - Neil Cross
7x09 - Mark Gatiss

7x10 - Neil Cross ("Phantoms of the Hex", although the magazine doesn't confirm any titles)
7x11 - Stephen Thompson
7x12 - Mark Gatiss ("The Crimson Horror")

7x13 - Neil Gaiman (directed by Stephen Wolfenden)
7x14 - Steven Moffat

The ones in italics are the ones that have been filmed/have started filming. Filming for the seventh series is due to end around December, a few weeks prior to the airing of the Christmas special.

Last but not least, it seems that John Simm is keen on reprising his role as the Master. Last seen in The End Of Time, Simm has mentioned in some recent interviews that he would like to play a quieter version of the role, compared to the more maniacal version we saw interact with David Tennant's Doctor. Personally, I wouldn't mind Simm returning or a new bloke taking on the role but either way, I hope Steven Moffat just has the sense to bring the character back to interact with Matt Smith's Doctor, sooner rather than later.

Update: @mrJimer
@john_simm Den of Geek say you want to return as the Master,.. It's because of that comic strip I drew you in, c'mon admit it?! :-)

@mrJimer thats not strictly true. I was answering a specific question at a Q+A session. #dontreadtoomuchintoit

Filming Pics: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2218527/Matt-Smith-shatters-Tardis-illusion-rides-open-doors-Doctor-Who-shoot.html#ixzz29Yt3fAF2
John Simm On The Master: http://www.denofgeek.com/tv/doctor-who/23153/doctor-who-john-simm-wants-to-return-as-the-master

Doctor Who returns at Christmas. The second half of Series 7 is due to air in Spring 2013.

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