Saturday, November 03, 2012

Enter The Asylum

And here's the second TV jumble blog I promised ...

American Horror Story: Asylum: FXUK finally got around to premiering the second season of Ryan Murphy's eerily fucked up horror drama and going from a show about ghosts in a haunted house to a 1960's asylum with sadistic nuns and doctors, alien abductions and a plethora of interesting inmates and plot strands, this show hasn't lost it's edge. Already, I'm compelled by Bloody Face, rooting for our heroes in Kit and Lana, intrigued and horrified by Sister Jude (Jessica Lange on fine form again) and Dr Arden (James Cromwell exuding menace and then some) and being similarly grossed out during some of the more visceral scenes as well. Oh and poor present day couple in Leo and Theresa. One episode in and already they're regretting fooling around in Briarcliff.

Arrow: I just caught the pilot last week and I plan to try and watch the second episode tonight but so far, I am liking this series. If the CW wanted a natural successor to Smallville, they've got it with this show and Stephen Amell does make for a good Oliver Queen/Green Arrow as well. The backstory for Oliver does feel a little similar to what we've seen with Emily in Revenge but not by a whole lot. That being said, watching this opening episode, you can easily see why it's become a big hit for the CW.

Misfits: Like Being Human, I embrace the idea of a new cast and while both newcomers Finn and Jess seem like interesting characters, I really don't think they were well served in an episode like this. The whole plotline with the corrupting briefcase just felt unpleasant and I could've done without an infected Rudy getting hacksaw happy. Plus without Kelly, Seth really doesn't have a point on this show given that he really doesn't bond with either Curtis or Rudy. The new probation officer is interesting and the reveal with Finn at the end did raise an eyebrow from me. Overall, a disjointed opening episode but here's hoping it's a minor blip for the usually excellent show.

The Vampire Diaries: An interesting start to the fourth season. Hopefully though, as a vampire, Elena will eventually get into the groove of things because with the first three episodes, she's needed help and I don't want that to be a repeat plot thread. I do think there was a missed opportunity with the preacher from the first episode and while I still can't stand Klaus's continued presence on the show, at least we still have Rebekah and I'm intrigued by vampire hunter, Connor and The Five. So far, this year has started off rather well.

- Political Animals will not be returning for a second season.
- James D'Arcy and Chloe Sevigny will be appearing in the upcoming series, Those Who Kill.
- Brendan Fraser has quit his role in the upcoming Howard Gordon series, Legends.
- Stephen Merchant's series, Hello Ladies has been picked up for a full run on HBO.
- Michael Madsen and Jennifer Beals will both be appearing Mob Doctor.
- Both Scandal and The Neighbours have received full season orders from ABC.
- Grant Gustin will be reprising his role as Sebastian in a few episodes of Glee's fourth season.
- Hell On Wheels has been renewed for a third season but the creators won't be returning.

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