Friday, November 30, 2012

Soap Discussion - November 2012

Coronation Street: One of the show's strongest months with some actually decent plots, mainly being decided to add Fiz into the mix as Kirsty's violence towards Tyrone continued to escalate during this month. Actually, this is the first time I've liked Fiz in a while and given her history with Tyrone, it kind of makes sense to have become part of this storyline. Other good ones saw Stella's annoying mother get the boot, Maria and Marcus somewhat outed to their partners (though I'm not keen on them romantically at all) as well as Nick/Leanne getting engaged and Kylie trying to come up with her own way to dissuade David from wanting kids. What is it with the blokes on this show nowadays wanting babies?

EastEnders: Another month that decided to make the Brannings the centre of the universe once again. Let's count the ways, eh? The continued implication that one of them is Kat's mystery lover, Joey and Lauren hooking up (Dennis/Sharon 2012 - anyone?) and getting into a car crash, Derek meeting an ex of his as well as Carol and Bianca returning and Tanya annoying Cora by contacting her just discovered sister, Ava. I know the Brannings are a good source of storylines but coupled with this month, next month and this year in general, I think I'm beginning to get exhausted of the characters. Oh and Christian and Syed left in a suitably melodramatic way as well but I'll kind of miss them though.

Emmerdale: I don't know why but the idea of Katie being trapped in a mine seems more unintentionally funny than it probably should do. I have no doubt she'll make it out of there alive though. The girl's knack for survival is rather admirable at times but it's nice to see that this show is improving a bit though. Even the renewed relationship with Cain and Moira is more enjoyable than it was first time around and Edna's attempts to save her poor dog Tootsie is actually rather touching as well. As for Paddy and Marlon renewing their friendship, it's better than them squabbling I guess.

Hollyoaks: I love when a soap crash gets rid of a character who you utterly despise (Maddie) and one you do like, even if the recent writing for them hasn't been great (Rhys). It's enough to make up for killing off two characters that you don't care about (Neil, Jono) but aside from that, this month really did belong to Claire Cooper, who's been brilliant as a grief stricken Jacqui and the exit of Ally, introduction of Sienna and Patrick as well as Mitzeee's sister, Maxine and the continued detail into Esther's bullying plot has made this one of the show's stronger months as well.

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