Friday, November 16, 2012

I Am Your Mother

Downton Abbey: I liked the finale. While the third series had it's ups and downs and fair share of disappointing moments, the ending was a nice way of concluding things. Thomas got to keep his job, Mary and Matthew can have kids, Edith is getting a love interest and Fellowes managed to find a way to keep Branson on the show without Sybil around, while Rose was a fairly annoying character. Not that long for the Christmas special.

Homeland: Another set of excellent episodes. This show certainly upped the game with both Brody being forced to play double agent, Dana and her numpty of a boyfriend involved in a car accident, Carrie trying to maintain control of Brody, Mike piecing things together about Tom Walker and new guy Quinn walking into a dangerous trap. Overall, I continue to enjoy this season of the show.

Merlin: I'm not really as gripped to this series as a lot of people seem to be but at least the last two episodes have generated some thought provoking stuff. Whether it's Merlin and Arthur dropping the ball big time with the Disir, therefore sealing the latter's fate or Morgana actually having a plan that worked in relation to her psychological torture of Gwen, along with a certain death. Either way, it's nice to see the show getting it's darker centre but the Merthur stuff is lacking something to be honest this year.

Once Upon A Time: I can't be the only one who utterly adores Ruby as a character, right? Which is why her latest episode was another favourite of mine. Especially given that it saw her many friendships being solidified during George's vindictive attempts to thwart David and also because any semblance of backstory for the character is muchly welcomed. Oh and the episode before that gave us more insight into Emma and introduced the giant was a lot of fun too. I'm also liking the shared dreams/link between Henry and Aurora as well. Overall, this season has been a blast to watch so far.

Switch: I've only seen the fourth episode (will be watching the fifth one tonight) but it was my favourite one of the bunch so far. Yes, the episode might have gone overboard with the friendship theme in a way that Being Human doesn't need to but isn't friendship the angle for this show anyways? It may have the misfortune of going up against Girls (which I'll blog about sometime next week) every Monday but it's the more entertaining show of the show and I hope that the rivalry with the ladies from Kensington does crop up in the finale as well.

- Rob Kazinsky will be playing Sookie's new love interest, fairy Ben in the sixth season of True Blood. Filming for the new season begins in January.
- Hunted has been cancelled of sorts. It seems the BBC won't be working on it for a future series, so Cinemax will be looking for another collaborator.
- The Killing's third series (currently airing on BBC4) will be it's last. The producers have insisted it's not coming back for a fourth series.
- The Big Bang Theory has become E4's most watched show this year. Excellent news, I've really gotten into that show.
- FX have renewed American Horror Story for a third season to air in 2013.
- Chad Michael Collins will be playing the brother of Dr Whale in the second half of Once Upon A Time.
- Kyle MacLachlan will be appearing in The Good Wife.
- Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge will be appearing in the S.H.I.E.L.D. series.

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