Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Review of Dexter's 7x07: "Chemistry"

Written by Manny Coto And Karen Carpenter
Directed by Holly Dale

Dexter: “I’m gonna handle Price.”
Hannah: “Like the way you handled me?”

Now that would’ve made for a rather interesting scene, wouldn’t it? I knew that Sal Price wasn’t destined to be a long term threat to either Dexter or Hannah but even I think the writers might have been a little too quick to kill him off here. Surely, he could’ve lasted at least one or two episodes?

Oh well, it’s too bad Price had to die because it finally looked like Deb was going to get some action of her own and now that’s out of the window. Hell, Deb even made the comment about wishing guys she hooked up didn’t die on her and I’m left reminded of the fact that Quinn is still alive and not all that interesting. Not every guy then, Deb.

Sal’s death was pretty clever though. He made damn sure not to touch any of the lemonade that Hannah had offered him and was quick to tell her that he knew she poisoned her victims instead of knifing them nowadays and yet she was still able to do him by poisoning his pen. The fact that he’s a writer does make it a particularly appropriate method of killing him as well.

However even if Sal had managed to survive this episode, Dexter was going to get him out of the picture in another way though. I didn’t like the idea that Dexter would resort to using one of Sal’s subjects from an old book he wrote in order to send him to prison but it was certainly the less brutal approach in comparison to what Hannah had ultimately done I guess. It’s just a shame for Dexter than his trust in Hannah is going to be his undoing.

I could easily see Hannah framing Dexter for Sal’s murder if he attempts to curb her killer instincts. Already Dexter made the mistake of sparing her life and telling her about his code when it came his own killer methods and the fact that he went as far as to delete Sal’s book for her as well wasn’t a smart move on his part.

There’s also the fact that Dexter’s sudden ‘love’ for Hannah is clearly setting up further conflict between him and Deb as well. Deb was more than desperate to bust Hannah this week and between Jake’s body not being embalmed and the nature of Sal’s death, Deb was fighting a losing battle with Hannah from the word go.

The worrying part of the episode though was Deb actually asking Dexter to kill Hannah. The idea of Deb even encouraging Dexter’s bloodlust is a bad thing but I get why she resorted to it. Hannah’s certainly gotten under Deb’s skin as she’s managed to get under Dexter’s but either way, it was a rather disappointing thing for her to ask Dexter to do. It’s also one that I have a feeling Dexter, Hannah and Deb themselves are going to regret over the next few weeks.

Also in “Chemistry”

No surprise to Isaak being released from jail. I did enjoy his lunch scene with Dexter but the rest of that plot has gotten tiresome to watch, let alone comment on.

Hannah: “You do this with all the girls you go out with? Wrap them up in plastic?”
Dexter: “I don’t actually go out.”

Hannah admitted she killed her husband, Jake because he wanted her to have an abortion. Is she actually telling the truth? It’s possible, given that she was upfront about killing Sal to Dexter.

Dexter: “You can’t write about this.”
Sal: “It’s nothing personal. I’m just doing my job.”

Deb: “Stay the fuck away from him.”
Dexter: “I don’t think ignoring Isaak is the right approach.”

I thought it was lovely that Quinn gave Angel money for his restaurant until I remembered where Quinn acquired the money in the first place.

Dexter (re Hannah): “She accepts both sides of me – the whole Dexter. So why am I walking away from this? Because when some chemicals mix, they combust and explode.”

Sal: “You son of a bitch.”
Dexter: “Hey, it’s nothing personal. I just can’t have you messing with my life.”

Maria’s storyline is progressing at long last. This week, she actually seemed to make some kind of a connection to the Bay Harbour Butcher and Dexter.

Deb: “You’re a killer, Miss McKay, you’re a fucking good one, I’ll give you that. You’ve gotten away with it for a long time.”

Chronology: From where “Do The Wrong Thing” left off.

Not quite as good as the previous episode, but “Chemistry” was an excellent mix of character moments for Dexter, Deb and Hannah nonetheless. It’s a shame the gangster plot (despite Isaak) can’t be as interesting by comparison though.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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