Monday, November 19, 2012

My Review of Wizards Vs. Aliens 1x03: "Rebel Magic"

Written by Joseph Lidster
Directed by Griff Rowland

Tom: "The great Jackson Hawke, just a normal wizard then. Just like the rest of us."
Jackson: "Me, normal? Not exactly."

Well, I suppose every good hero needs a rival/enemy/possible other ally of sorts and if Harry can have Draco Malfoy, then Tom Clarke can have someone as volatile and slightly unpredictable as the rather interesting Jackson Hawke for good measure.

Played by Andy Rush, Jackson might be the best guest character we've had so far in this series (not that we've had many). A wizard skilled in the dangerous Grimm magic, Jackson's presence in Tom's life doesn't take long for Tom to ignore Benny and dabble in some rebel magic but if you were expecting anything too naughty, then you might be disappointed.

The worst thing Tom really does under Jackson's influence is disrupt a couple by messing with their milkshake, getting free pizza and ignoring Benny. It's probably a good thing then that we have both Jackson and Tom making a misguided attempt to take out the Nekross once and for all with Benny's life being threatened used as the catalyst for Tom snapping out of it.

As a friend goes, Jackson definitely started out as a bad influence but between a tragic backstory with his family (he inadvertently banished them) and a moment of redemption by risking his own life to save Tom and Benny, I think it's a safe bet that once he's accomplished his own mission, he'll be back to be Tom's brother in magic.

- Tom's friend, Quinn seems to be annoyed by him hanging out with Benny and losing at a recent football match.
- It seems that they're pushing forward with a romance between Tom and Katie as well. I'm guessing she's going to learn about Tom's magic by the finale.
- I liked seeing Lexi saving Varg from being eaten by that scorpion creature the King had. Looks like there is some love between them after all.
- Ursula's still a lot of fun in this episode but Michael's role does feel rather thankless at times. I did like him offering Jackson a place to stay though.

A solid, strong story delving nicely into the Tom/Benny and Tom/Jackson friendship. Rebel Magic does show that this show is worth getting into but perhaps this was another story that could've done without the Nekross or a threat other than them. Either way, I think this show is finding it's groove nicely.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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