Thursday, November 01, 2012

My Review of Dexter's 7x05: "Swim Deep"

Written by Scott Reynolds
Directed by Ernest Dickerson

Isaak: “I don’t know who you are.”
Dexter: “If you ever find out, you’ll regret it.”

Mmm, I’m not so sure if Isaak is going to be quaking into his boots just yet, Dexter. After all, this is a guy who managed to kill several people in a rival club without breaking a sweat. Even behind bars, Isaak is definitely something of an impressive enough threat.

I really liked that this episode didn’t waste time with Dexter and Isaak. Both of them managed to unnerve and outsmart each other in different way that I doubt jail is going to be a permanent destination for Isaak. After all, there’s an interesting collision course to be had with these two.

I might have tuned out during Isaak’s speech about his great uncle and grandfather but the one thing I did learn is that Isaak’s a patient man and he’ll definitely will do his best in order to get Dexter back for killing Viktor. I mean, he was conceited enough to even talk about taking out Deb and anyone else in Miami Metro who might have had a hand in killing Viktor as well for good measure.

I was hoping that there would be more of a reveal about Isaak’s grievance over Viktor’s death but this episode seemed to imply they were just friends and that was it. Still, I did enjoy the phone exchanges between the two of them and even Dexter letting Isaak know in no uncertain terms that he’s a serious threat too.

I’m glad that Isaak has emerged with a personality because the rest of the mobster/trafficking related elements of this season’s Big Bad arc are pretty uninspired to watch. George is still little more than a lifeless lackey and Quinn’s continued involvement with Nadia hasn’t exactly been compelling viewing to watch either.

Something that has been compelling however has been Deb’s reactions to learning more about Dexter’s other life. If last episode implied that she was accepting the Dark Passenger side of her brother a little too quickly, then this one confirmed that she actually does have issues with Dexter taking the law into his own hands.

She was disgusted with herself for realising that she had helped cover up more of Dexter’s killings and really annoyed with learning the truth about Mike’s real killer. It also didn’t help that she purposely had to get Angel to back down over the Alex suicide from last week and also watch Maria when it came to the latter’s private looking into a victim of the Bay Harbour Butcher.

Jennifer Carpenter gave one of her best performances in this episode and it was really hard not to feel for Deb, given that her loyalties to Dexter are compromising her own ethics and ability as his boss too. Dexter might want to try and keep things sweet with his sister but the cracks are definitely becoming wider with these two.

Last but not least – Hannah McKay’s a killer! I guess that makes her more similar to Lila than it does to Lumen but she’s also the best new character this season has offered and her scenes with Dexter continue to get interesting as well.

I loved seeing Dexter suss her out and I also loved seeing Hannah defiantly keeping up the charade of her innocence as well. That being said, it does look like she’s going to end up becoming a big threat to Dexter as the rest of the season continues.

Also in “Swim Deep”

I actually don’t remember Philip Barnes as one of Dexter’s victims. I’m gonna have to see what season his death came from again.

Dexter: “Life can be less complicated now.”
Harry: “You don’t believe that.”
Dexter (re Deb): “Why not? She didn’t abandon me.”

Isaak wasn’t exactly shy on informing Dexter about Louis’s death, though the latter had already done his research on that bit.

Dexter: “So you killed Louis?”
Isaak: “We had a conversation that ended abruptly.”

Dexter: “I have a plan, yes.”
Deb: “Does it involve you killing someone?”
Dexter: “I’m not killing anybody.”

The couple that Miami Metro had found on the beach, Dexter realised that Hannah had murdered the woman in an excited frenzy.

Hannah: “Look at us, talking blood and gore. Like we’re on a date, sharing our first sexual experience.”
Dexter: “I’ve got work to do.”

Dexter: “Everything you said is a lie.”
Hannah: “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”
Dexter: “And you don’t even care?”

We got some scenes with Harry in this episode as well as Dexter and Deb discussing old family vacations in this one.

Deb (re Isaak): “So we’re looking for the fucking Terminator?”

Chronology: Not long from where “Run” left off.

Another solid episode. “Swim Deep” definitely had some great moments, especially with Dexter, Deb, Hannah and Isaak. I am really enjoying this show once again.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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