Friday, November 02, 2012

Hooked In

And here's a look at some of the shows I've been watching. Expect another one tomorrow.

Downton Abbey: A good set of episodes. This series definitely seems to have become more of an improvement to it's last one and the fallout from Sybil's death has been good to watch. It's nice for the show to find a way to keep Branson on board and the consequences of Thomas getting the wrong end of the stick with Jimmy should be interesting to see in the finale. I'm also liking that Edith is getting more to do, though some of the scenes with Matthew and Robert over running the estate have been less interesting to watch.

Homeland: This show is definitely not suffering from difficult second album syndrome. The last ten minutes of the episode, New Car Smell (I have to catch up with episode 5) were some of the tensest moments the show has produced and the resulting consequences of Carrie and Brody meeting up in the latter's hotel room once again, just a masterclass in excellent writing and acting from both Claire Danes and Damian Lewis. Oh and the subplots with Dana and her new love interest's father are also interesting to watch too.

Merlin: I'm finding myself a little less interested in this current series. Four episodes in and not much of real note has actually happened. Mordred has been a background character, the Knights - decent guy candy but not much else and there's a surprisingly amount of sparse interaction between Arthur and Gwen. The return of Uther seemed like a missed opportunity in some respects too while Morgana's continued scheming has gotten tedious to watch. I wish Merlin would just take her out though. I did like seeing Mithian again, though she wasn't as well served as her debut last series.

Once Upon A Time: Yes, I'm still enjoying this series. The last three episodes certainly haven't been boring, especially with the debuts of Lancelot and Hook, the reveal of Dr Whale (pretty obvious in retrospect) and Cora proving that she's a nastier piece of work than her daughter. That being said, much as I like that Regina is definitely making a concentrated effort to redeem herself and the bonding scenes with David/Henry and Emma/Mary Margaret, the show does need to dial down the need to connect virtually every backstory to Rumples at this rate because it's getting a little implausible. That being said, this season is shaping up nicely.

Switch: I know this show isn't a masterpiece in any way, shape or form but I find myself really enjoying it nonetheless. It might be a bit too fluffy at times but three episodes, I like the majority of the main characters (Jude, I'm a little mixed on) and the lack of big, complicated or existential storylines hasn't really deterred my enjoyment of it either. The last episode focusing on Stella getting over her antichrist of an ex-girlfriend was particularly funny and I'm not hating the triangle of sorts between Jude/Jerry/Grace but I think Hannah is still my favourite of these four particular witches.

- Felicia Day is returning to Supernatural for an upcoming episode. Here's hoping they don't kill her off.
- Arrow will introduce the comic character of Firefly in an upcoming story arc, played by Andrew Dunbar.
- CW drama, Cult will premiere on the station in January.
- Dallas will not be bringing back Pamela Ewing according to producers. The second season of the show premiere in January on TNT.
- Sarah Shahi will be appearing as a love interest for Taylor Kinney's character in Chicago Fire.
- NBC have not only decided to end The Office after nine seasons but they won't be picking up the proposed spin-off, The Farm either.
- Grant Gustin will be appearing as a privileged kid in an upcoming story arc for 90210.
- Burn Notice has been renewed for a seventh season.

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