Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Review of Wizards Vs. Aliens 1x04: "Friend Or Foe"

Written by Clayton Hickman
Directed by Griff Rowland

Tom: "So, the next time we see each other, are we friends or enemies?"
Lexi: "What exactly are we now, Tom?"

Two species forced to work together because this story decided we were overdue a human villain for a change? That might sound glib but if you want a quick synopsis for this particular story, it's the best one I can think of. It's also another example to me however of this show actually improving just that little bit more as well.

I liked that Lexi had this smart plan of pretending to be a human woman with Lucy, trying to get Tom's trust and encourage his football aspirations and had things gone differently, she might have successfully nabbed him and he might be a powerless, withering old man now. Luckily for Tom and even, Lexi there was someone much worse than the latter in this story.

Ruthie Henshall may have hammed it up a few times as greedy rich businesswoman, Stephanie Gaunt but she was a more interesting villain than the Nekross King has been and her nasty streak certainly forced an alliance between Tom/Lexi and even Varg/Benny/Michael/Ursula as well as the rival species worked together to stop the scheming rich lady and save themselves.

Overall, the Tom and Lexi scenes were a joy to watch. Lexi's shown in past episodes that she isn't as bloodthirsty as her sibling and father for magic and by pretending to be human (for a short time) and working with Tom, she seems to have come a little more sympathetic towards them. Though, obviously not enough when she exacted revenge on Stephanie but I have a feeling both her and Tom's new found understanding of each other will serve a purpose in the finale though.

- Ruthie Henshall was apparently Russell T. Davies's choice to play the Rani if he had stayed on Doctor Who and introduced the character. I guess Stephanie was kind of Rani like.
- I bet Gwendoline Christie was delighted to spend some of this story not having to wear the Nekross makeup and costume.
- Crown jewels? Maybe Stephanie should've tried something a bit bigger. I'm surprised she just didn't ask Tom and Lexi to make her ruler of Britain straightaway.
- Katie and Quinn need a bit more development as characters. They seem as underused as Michael has been so far.

A good story, Friend Or Foe would be my favourite if the previous one wasn't that slightly bit better but as shaky as the overall premise for the series, it's hard to deny that there's been improvement it. I am definitely enjoying it more and more.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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