Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spending A Storm Together

American Horror Story: Asylum: It's nice that we're not too far behind with US transmission with this show because the second season is pretty enjoyable so far. Narrative wise, I'm not sure where the logic is in having alien invasions, mutants, possessions, sadistic doctors in Arden (who keeps getting repugnant with each episode) and a crazed serial killer but it certainly makes sure the season isn't boring. I will admit though, I do think Jude's backstory was introduced a bit early than needed and the present day sequences add nothing to the show overall but the shocker of Shelly's fate was a moment I didn't see coming. Plus, kudos to Lily Rabe who is clearly having a ball as the possessed and homicidal, Sister Mary Eunice.

Arrow: It's been about five episodes into the series now and so far, it's still pretty in a similar format to Smallville. Not too challenging but amusing enough and I do continue to like Amell's portrayal of both Oliver and Green Arrow in equal measures. The arrival of John Barrowman as the mysterious Well Dressed Man as well in the most recent of episodes has been a good addition as well as the Deadshot storyline as well. Overall, a mostly good string of episodes from the new series.

Glee: Okay, the ratings for the fourth season haven't been great and while I think the idea of Finn running the Glee club is pretty ridiculous, the last two episodes have been entertaining enough, especially the one dedicated to Grease of things. The newbies may not have the same spark as our originals but I found Kitty's version of Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee amusing to the hilt and the return of Santana was a joy to be had as well. I could however do with less of Blaine and Marley feeling sorry for themselves and the forced Ryder/Marley/Jake/Kitty quadrangle and it would be nice if Cassandra's critiques of Rachel's abilities weren't marred with her unbridled hatred for the girl but overall, a good set of episodes.

Misfits: I have to admit as much as I like this show, this series isn't as fun as it used to be. So far, Jess seems to be the only bright spot and while the Lola plotline had some decent twists and turns, I was sad that it was used to write Curtis out in such a tragic way. I expected him to leave but not on such a downer though. It also doesn't help that I'm not really getting into the double act with Rudy and Finn as well. I don't know why but both of them are kind of annoying me this series. Hopefully we get more on the mysterious Alex though.

Some Girls: Ever watch a comedy and wonder how the hell it was commisioned in the first place? Watch five minutes of this show (or the first two episodes if you're a masochist) and you'll find yourself asking that question. An ill-conceived, broadly unfunny female version of The Inbetweeners, this witless sitcom is proof that at times BBC3 really do think their target audiences must be the biggest morons known to man. There aren't any characters in this one, just lazy caricatures with the four ladies - Viva, Saz, Holly and Amber who are just not strong enough leading ladies to make this comedy bearable. With any luck, this either improves or become a one series only show.

The Vampire Diaries: Why can't being a vampire make Elena into a stronger character and person? Six episodes into the fourth season, she's either been close to death or whinged a lot about being a member of the undead that the timely return of Katherine must have been a blessed relief for Nina Dobrev, who at least gets to have fun in that role. The fourth season itself has been okay enough so far but with Connor dead, only small morsels revealed about The Five and Klaus still be a pain in the ass, I can't help but think that this show does need to buck up it's ideas now.

- Both Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue have been cancelled by ABC and will end after 13 episodes each.
- Anna Chlumsky will make a guest appearance in the upcoming Hannibal series. Eddie Izzard will play a crazed inmate in the show as well
- Janina Gavankar has bagged a recurring role as a vice cop on Arrow.
- Lisa Kudrow's series, Web Therapy has been renewed for a third season by Showtime.
- Sky Atlantic will air the second season of Girls the day after HBO airs it. It returns in January 2013.
- Rebecca Mader will be appearing in one of 30 Rock's final episodes in it's last season.
- Amy Acker has expressed an interest in appearing in the upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. series.
- Elementary has been awarded two more episodes by CBS, making 24 episodes for it's first season.

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