Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Doctor Who - The Snowmen Airdate/Timeslot Confirmed

With 20 days to go, the latest Christmas special of Doctor Who titled, The Snowmen has got the confirmation of airing on Christmas Day at the timeslot of ...

... 5.15pm. Yep, it's the earliest time we've had a Christmas special air but it seems to be in aid of the rating juggernaut battle with BBC1 biggest new hit, Call The Midwife and ITV's mammoth hit, Downton Abbey. I have to admit, even for Christmas Day, it's arguably too early a timeslot for the show but hopefully, it'll do brilliantly, rating wise because it is finally debuting Jenna-Louise Coleman as new companion, Clara and it really does look like Moffat's best Christmas offering yet. Oh and the latest interview of Radio Times has both Matt and Jenna on the cover and the latter is as brilliant at evading spoilers as Moffat seems to be.

Meanwhile the BBC site and Blogtor Who have unveiled some pretty gorgeous new cast pictures of The Snowmen with the Doctor, Clara, Madame Vastra/Jenny/Strax, Captain Latimer and his children and the rather sinister Snowmen and Doctor Simeon, played by Richard E. Grant. The show's advent calender is also up on the BBC site and so far we've had new pictures as well as interviews with Jenna-Louise Coleman and Steven Moffat to keep us excited for the Christmas special. Last but not least, filming for the seventh series has been completed. Hopefully a trailer for the second half of the series will air at the end of The Snowmen.

Christmas Scheduling:
Promo Pictures:
Advent Calender:

The Snowmen airs on Christmas Day at 5.15pm on BBC1.

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