Monday, December 10, 2012

My Review of The Snowman

Written by Raymond Briggs
Directed by Dianne Jackson

David Bowie: "One winter I made a really big snowman. He got this scarf for me. You see he was a real snowman."

It's been a staple of Christmas repeats of many years and with both a sequel due and Doctor Who using this story as the basis of it's latest Christmas special, I thought it was about time I actually (and properly) watched this beautiful little animation that really both children and adults can enjoy equally with pleasure.

The biggest appeal to this story is it's glorious simplicity. A little boy named James during the winter builds a Snowman and it comes to life, which a lot of chaos and mischief ensuing in it's wake. This is a Snowman who likes to play dress up, sit by a fire, play with toys and in general takes a child on a journey that goes as far as the North Pole before melting away at the end of the animation.

It's a beautiful story, looking very much like the era it was made in with some truly delightful moments that not even the most cynical of people can deny. It's a story about hope, innocence and even just the tiniest bit of grief as James is saddened by the loss of new friend too.

It's also a story that is responsible for one of the most iconic of musical numbers with Peter Auty's stunning version of Walking In The Air providing the backdrop of the journey taken by James and the Snowman. Even to this day, it's a sequence that truly stands the test of time.

- The book version in which this animation is based on came out in 1978, while this version aired on Boxing Day back in 1982 on Channel 4 and was re-released on DVD recently.
- It's sequel, The Snowman And The Snowdog is due to air on Christmas Eve, 8pm on Channel 4.
- Love the opening narration from David Bowie, who sets up the tone of this animation beautifully.
- There are some alternative openings to this story as well.

What can I say? The Snowman is a must see piece of work. If you've never seen, then go onto YouTube or track the DVD down and even if you have seen it, now is the perfect time of year to watch it again. It really is a timeless classic and I can't wait to see it's upcoming sequel.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the music of The Snowman. I remember going to one or two concerts where it was played when I was little.