Thursday, December 06, 2012

My Review of Dexter's 7x10: "The Dark Whatever"

Written by Lauren Gussis And Jace Rochdale And Scott Reynolds
Directed by Michael Lehmann

Hannah (re Clint): “I know he’s done some bad things but there’s good inside him as well. Oh right, you’ve known him for twenty four hours and you think you understand him.”
Dexter: “I have a sense for this sort of thing.”

Dexter’s senses weren’t exactly wrong either. After all, Hannah told us in the previous episode that her father Clint nearly drown her and this one, he really didn’t waste much in actually showing his true colours when Hannah wouldn’t put her business and home in financial jeopardy in order to give him something for a ‘business’ project he had in mind.

I really like that they cast Supernatural’s Jim Beaver for the role of Clint because he certainly wasted no time in getting this viewer to emphasise with Hannah more than possible during this episode. Hannah desperately wanted to believe that her father had turned over a new leaf but he turned out be pretty rotten to the core in this episode.

The fact that Clint happily trashed Hannah’s business before reading her the riot act about her antics finishing off Mrs McKay was one thing but trying to blackmail Hannah and Dexter for money in order to pay his gambling debts was a pretty low thing to do. Unfortunately for Clint, he chose the wrong guy to take on when he took on Dexter.

I have to admit, while I don’t actually approve of Clint actually being killed by Dexter (he didn’t fit the code), I think I’m just more disappointed that they couldn’t have kept him around for another episode at the very least. Still, he managed to screw Hannah over anyways by telling Deb about her former roommate Arlene, so Hannah definitely could be on borrowed time in this episode.

On a serious note, I do find the hostility that certain fans seem to have for the character rather annoying. I don’t believe that Hannah is Dexter’s true love and her influence on him is worrying at best but she’s also been the highpoint of the season and doesn’t seem to be evil as such but definitely more dangerous than Lumen perhaps.

Also, while she wasn’t exactly devastated by her father’s death, she was to her credit, willing to use a non violent method in order to get him out of the picture as well. I think surely that has to count for something with the character at the very least. I also liked the fact that she challenged Dexter about his Dark Passenger as well.

Dexter’s doubt about the control he has over the Dark Passenger did have some highlight scenes with him and Harry and it was also during his takedown of the Phantom Arsonist, Joseph Jensen that seemed to really raise the issue. Dexter was quick to dismiss Joseph’s claims of ‘Bobby’ making him set people on fire and he was harsher than Hannah was about his Dark Passenger.

I was actually surprised that the arsonist stuff was dealt a little quickly but perhaps it’s a good thing though. With Maria and Tom forming a grudging alliance and the evidence mounting against Dexter over the Bay Harbour Butcher cases, the final two episodes of the season are looking more and more exciting by the minute.

Also in “The Dark Whatever”

Harry pointed out that Dexter gave himself the Dark Passenger thing, not him. Still, at least Harry takes responsibility for the code.

Hannah (re Phantom Arsonist): “Why do I get the feeling you want to wrap him up in plastic?”
Dexter: “Doesn’t matter. I promised Deb I wouldn’t take any cases from the police.”

I did like the fake out with Dexter mistaking fire department guy, Philip Bosso as the Phantom Arsonist, only for the latter to be a war re-enactment enthusiast.

Dexter: “Hannah’s wrong. Of course I have a Dark Passenger. There is no other way to describe this compulsion.”

Clint: “Have you any idea what it’s like to be related to the Infamous Hannah McKay? You’re a goddamn curse, you ungrateful little shit.”

Quinn finally did something of use by shooting George after the latter threatened Nadia. It won’t end well for him I suspect.

Hannah: “Does it just take over? Where do you go? Does Dexter Morgan just disappear?”
Dexter: “No, I’m still there.”
Hannah: “Do you hear a voice or a?”
Dexter: “Not exactly. It’s more like a need.”

Although it was in character for Masuka to be supportive of Dexter/Hannah, it did seem a bit odd that Angel seemed unconcerned by it though.

Clint: “You don’t have to do this.”
Dexter: “That’s what I’m realising. I don’t have to but I want to, even though you don’t meet my code. I really want to but unlike you, I really care about Hannah.”

Chronology: Not long from where the previous left off as Hannah was talking about her stitches during the start of this one.

Easily one of the best episodes we’ve had this season. “The Dark Whatever” just had some solid, excellent character moments from start to finish and with all the strands seemingly coming together, it’s going to be a rather interesting finale as well.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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