Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Misfits - Season 4 Review

With this current series just finished up on E4 and the promise of a fifth run, it's certainly been an interesting year as all our remaining originals have left the community centre and we've gotten four new characters over the course of the fourth year. Warning, there are spoilers.

Episode 1: I hate to admit but I found this opening episode actually quite horrible to be honest. Both Jess and Finn deserved a better introduction than seeing Curtis, Rudy and Seth going mental over a flipping briefcase. On the plus side, the last scene would effortlessly lead into Finn's backstory and aggressive probation worker, Greg is definitely an acquired taste.

Episode 2: Finn's probably my least favourite character of the newbies, so his whole storyline with his controlling girlfriend, Sadie wasn't thrilling but obviously was an improvement on the opening episode. This episode is probably more significant for exiting Seth and introducing sexy barman, Alex though.

Episode 3: A good character episode for Rudy, introducing us to another, more dangerous aspect of the guy but also the building up of Curtis's volatile relationship with the mysterious Lola as well. Importantly, it also gave us something of an insight into Jess as well.

Episode 4: It's the end of the line for the original cast as Curtis left in epic style in this dark and noir-esque episode. I really liked the final moments we got with the character, the reveal of Greg's sexuality as well as the reveal of Lola's whole backstory as well.

Episode 5: Another Finn centred episode (the writers really do love him, don't they?) but actually a rather good one for the character. Probably Finn at his most likeable as well, even if his jealousy over Jess and Alex's growing closeness can be a source of tedium as well.

Episode 6: Really, it's here where this season got so much better. Abbey is a fantastic character and the Killer Rabbit plot, along with Alex's plotline and Rudy meeting the saintly Nadine as well. It's definitely the show at it's subversive best and bizarre as well.

Episode 7: A good episode for Alex and Jess as the former's storyline is resolved and he's seemingly slipped back into his old ways. Rudy's burgeoning relationship with Nadine is rather sweet to watch and we learn that Abbey has no memory of her former life and she learns what happens when you pretend to be on community service.

Episode 8: This show really knows how to do finales and the arrival of overprotective nuns and cyclists of the apocalypse, courtesy of Nadine made sure that this episode was far from boring. Plus, the ongoing plotline with Abbey and Alex's end scene certainly set some interesting things up for the next year.

It's not the show at it's best and unlike Being Human earlier in the year with it's fourth series, Misfits transition from old cast to new cast didn't flow quite as naturally but by the second half of the series, the show certainly bounced back nicely.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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