Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Sherlock - Series 3 Filming Delayed

I was meant to talk about this a few days but between purchasing and rewatching the first two series of Sherlock, it seems apt to meant that filming for the upcoming third series has been delayed. While Tumblr and Twitter may have exploded with the news, it seem that the delay is only by two months.

Instead of a January 2013 start, it'll be March before the three episodes that will make up the third run are due to be filmed. Producer Sue Vertue has promised that the delayed filming will not impact the actual transmission date of Series 3 but given that the schedules of it's leading men, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman is getting increasingly busy, it's not that shocking we've gotten a delay. Still, I'm sure when the third series airs, it will have been worth it.

Press Release: http://screenrant.com/sherlock-season-3-premiere-date-delayed/

Sherlock's third series begins filming in March 2013.

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