Friday, December 21, 2012

Slay Bells

Yes, this one is a little Christmas themed, but hey, appropriate given that we're a few days away from the big day itself.

American Horror Story: Asylum: I've been loving the sheer craziness of this season and with the Bloody Face reveals, the role reversal with Sister Jude as well as the deadly partnership with both Arden and Sister Mary Eunice but more importantly, Lana really is coming across as our main protagonist, especially with escaping the hands of a madman and even interacting with the angel of death (as did Grace and Jude) and the Christmas episode was certainly a joy to watch with Ian McShane as a deliciously twisted Santa in his own way. I can't wait to see where the last five episodes go.

Glee: Not the greatest selection of episodes. Even I am beginning to think that the show's balancing act between the newbies at McKinley and the old gang isn't working so well. Also, everytime we see someone like Santana, Quinn or Puck, I realise how much I miss them more as characters and it hasn't helped that Marley's eating disorder plotline hasn't been particularly well handled either. And did we really need something else for Kurt to be upset by? I really hope they don't get rid of Burt but I am glad that Blaine has taken a little backseat in the last few episodes.

Him & Her: I've been watching all of the third series (and am looking forward to the Christmas special on Sunday) and this show really has become a lot better than when it first began. Sure, Laura's nastiness has escalated since her pregnancy, Paul's suddenly got a secret life and Steve took a whole six episodes to actually propose to Becky but having the usually shy Shelley verbally annihilate Laura has been one of my favourite moments from the show so far. I don't know if this show will get picked up for a fourth series but I'm starting to hope it will now.

Misfits: This show really has improved. The last few episodes have been inspired and added a renewed sense of fun and mischief in the series, while neatly introducing Abbey who really does work a treat as a character. The finale did kill off Nadine a little too quickly for my liking and it might have been nice to have had more with the four cyclists of the apocalypse but they were better than the tedium of Jess/Alex/Finn and it's nice that Nadine managed to show a softer side to Rudy as well. Looking forward to seeing where this show goes next year.

The Vampire Diaries: I've enjoyed the last set of episodes, even to the point where the idea of an Elena/Damon relationship bothers me far less than it seems to with Stefan and Caroline. On the flip side, while it was nicely have a weirdly gory Christmas episode, would it hurt the show just once to actually have a scheme against Klaus succeed? And the fact that he decided to bump off Tyler's mother only makes me dislike him that tiny bit more but at least April and Hayley managed to get moments to surprise and I'm quite liking the Silas and Jeremy storylines this season as well.

- Rose McGowen has been cast as a younger version of Cora for an upcoming episode of Once Upon A Time.
- Chloe Bennett has become the final cast member added to Joss Whedon's upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. She'll play a superhero obsessed agent named, Skye.
- Showtime's The Vatican will explore the inner workings of the Catholic Church and it's pilot will be directed by Ridley Scott.
-The CW are doing a version of Robin Hood called Sherwood focusing on a female vigilante who teams up with Robin and his Merry Men.
- Fringe's series finale will be simulcast in the UK on Sky1 (1.10am) the same night US viewers can see it on FOX. It airs on January 19th.
- Davis Zayas will be appearing in the upcoming Kevin Bacon series, The Following as Tyson, a former operative who is friends with Bacon's character.
- Rosie O'Donnell will be making a cameo appearance in Smash.
- Oliver Kieron Jones will be playing a love interest for Kurt in the second half of Glee's fourth season. UK viewers can catch the new series at Sundays 8pm on Sky1 from January 6th.

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