Saturday, December 29, 2012

Soap Discussion - December 2012

And here's a look at the events of December in soap land.

Coronation Street: So it wasn't really the soap wedding of the year with Nick and Leanne after all then? I think it's a bit unfair that when they start to be kind of enjoyable, we've got the likes of Peter, Carla, Eva and surprisingly even Kylie all being kind of deterrents in this relationship but then again, it is a soap after all and even this show needed something bigger than the ongoing triangle with Kirsty/Tyrone/Fiz as well or the growing attraction between Sophie and Jenna to contend with for the month.

EastEnders: Ding dong, Derek's dead and boy, in such an anticlimatic manner as well. I was expecting something a lot more dramatic after they spent his last week making sure half the square wanted to drop him from a great height. Christmas in Walford wasn't really that much really - Kat's tedious affair with Derek was revealed, Max seemingly forgot to tell Tanya that he had another wife (Kirsty could be interesting though), Bianca was skint once again and both Shirley and Lauren were their usual unpleasant selves as well. On the plus side, I bet the BBC were happy with the ratings though.

Emmerdale: Okay, another overly Dingle centred month where virtually any sympathy for Debbie and Charity has long been evaporated given the monstrous and entitled manner in which both of them are behaving. On the plus side, while Alex wasn't the most interesting of characters on the show, at least his death will actually facilitate Cameron's even more inevitable downfall.

Hollyoaks: A big month. Let's see - John Paul returned with a secret, Ste ditched Doug for Brendan while the latter's father made an unwelcome visit to Chester as Esther's bullying storyline continued and Jacqui found out about Rhys/Sinead/Cindy while Dodger's other father (Patrick) and sister (Sienna) are two potentially interesting characters and there was some lighthearted banter with Mitzeee and Maxine, which is not enough to make you forget the sheer implausible result in both Mercedes and Browning being back on the street.

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