Friday, March 07, 2014

Come To My Beach House

And a rundown of some of the recent programmes I've been catching up on ...

Arrow: I'll admit the first two episodes that have aired in 2014 seemed a little on the filler side with Slade mostly skulking around in the background and Sebastian discrediting Laurel in an extreme way but they've still been good fun to watch though. However last night's Sky1 aired episode did finally move things along with Sara returning to Starling City and Roy (finally) becoming privy as to whom the Arrow really is. Even with slightly lesser interesting episodes, this show is still miles ahead than Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. at the moment.

Broadchurch: TV3 in Ireland have finally aired the finale to this show and I have to say, it's been an incredible eight weeks. I wish I had caved in earlier and watched this show properly on ITV transmission but better late than never. Having Ellie's husband as Danny's murderer was certainly a shocker and as brilliant as David Tennant has been as the abrasive Alec Hardy, this really was Olivia Colman's baby with her sublime performance as Ellie Miller throughout the eight weeks, though part of this show's success was showing the effect one single death can have on a whole community and a slew of characters. While I'm still a little iffy on it's imminent American counterpart, Gracepoint, I am intrigued to see what creator Chris Chibnall will devise next though.

Girls: I'm sure there was a time when this show was a bit on the headwrecking side of things but with recent episodes, I've started to soften to it. The beach house episode was probably the best one of the bunch with Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa all taking each other to task in a pretty amusing way and Elijah is a decent enough recurring character while Adam continues to improve and is actually a rather likeable character nowadays. Still, Jessa's relapse at the hands of Jasper felt a little too random and Ray is so dull beyond belief that I am struggling to figure out why he's still on the show. Even his 'friends with benefits' thing with Marnie came to a swift end.

Glee: The first two episodes of 2014 for this show have been the definition of coasting. Aside from an amusing-ish feud with Rachel and Santana that at least thematically tied into their high school issues, virtually every other plot has sucked beyond belief. I'm at a point now where I'm convinced the writers hate Tina because her plots are getting more and more grating to watch. I just hope that post 100th episode, the rest of the season gets it's groove back.

Looking: The more I watch this show, the less addicted I am to it. Don't get me wrong, it's still enjoyable but it's really not gripping though. The episode focusing on Patrick and Richie connecting with each other was nice but then quickly marred with Agustin's snide dismissal of the relationship and Patrick's barely concealed lust for Kevin as well. Speaking of Agustin, it's amazing how he's gone from being likeable to an annoying git in six whole episodes but at least Dom's pursuit of Lynn is a little more interesting to watch. It's still not a bad show but it could with picking up the pace a bit now.

The Musketeers: Another show that's falling into the 'good but not great' category. It's six episodes and my investment in the show continues to wane a bit. I guess, it's down to the timing as well. While the last few episodes have explored more on Porthos and Aramis, I just don't think this show works in a Sunday 9pm timeslot and as excellent as Peter Capaldi is to watch, he's just wasted in this show as the Cardinal. Perhaps the final four episodes will inject something into this show but I'm starting to doubt it though.

True Detective: Every now and then, something comes along and makes you reassess a certain actor. I've never been a massive fan of Matthew McConaughey but his take here as the rather strange detective Rust Cohle and his rapport with Woody Harrelson's more straitlaced Martin Hart has made me see the guy in a different light. I've only seen the first two episodes of this show so far but it's a pretty absorbing series and the anthology format that the show is aiming will probably help sustain it as well. Why should American Horror Story be the show to have that advantage, right? Definitely worth watching and it certainly succeeds in making for uncomfortable viewing in a way that most detective dramas nowadays don't quite manage.

- David Morrissey's pilot for AMC has not been picked up for a series.
- Matthew McConaughey has also confirmed that he will not be returning to True Detective should it be picked up for a second season.
- An upcoming episode of Glee will focus on gay bashing in New York.
- Isaiah Washington will be returning to Grey's Anatomy as part of Cristina's exit for the series.
- Mary Louise Parker has been cast in upcoming NBC comedy, Feed Me.
- Patricia Arquette will be the lead in the upcoming CSI spin-off. Do we really need another one?
- Mila Kunis will play a love interest for Ashton Kutcher's character in Two And A Half Men.
- Lost Girl has been renewed for a fifth season.
- Riley Smith will play a rock and roll vampire named Keith in the final season of True Blood.
- Danielle Savre has been cast in Supernatural: Tribes along with Lucien Laviscount and Nathaniel Buzolic

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