Monday, March 24, 2014

My Review of DaVinci's Demons 2x01: "The Blood Of Man"

Written by David S. Goyer And Corey Reed
Directed by Charles Sturridge

Riario: “Did you ever think we’d see the end together?”
DaVinci: “I never believed I would be facing an end at all.”

I have to give the show it’s due – opening with a flash forward to South America was an interesting move. In a five minute scene, we had both DaVinci and Riario in a dungeon mulling over their respective fates before being taken for sacrifice as new character Ima watched over them.

In fact I enjoyed that scene so much that I was kind of disappointed that we had to go back to Florence but considering how the previous season had ended, it did make sense to explain what happened next. Which mainly involved the Pazzis and Pope trying to take over Florence and the Medicis desperately trying to survive and having their respective protectors come through for them.

While Piero could’ve been of better use to Clarice, I like the fact that Dragonetti stepped up to the plate several times for her in this episode. Not only did he prevent one of Clarice’s youngest children from being killed in a baying crowd but he also saved her from a more direct hit much later in the episode. Not only was Clarice grateful for the man’s renewed loyalty to the Medici clan but even I found myself pleased that he had such a prominent role throughout the episode.

I also admired the fact that despite being seperated from Lorenzo and having mercenaries trying to kill her, Clarice showed a steely determination to stay put. Florence really has become her home and with her own brother betraying her, it’s not like Clarice really would be any more safer outside of Florence than in it for the moment.

As for Lorenzo – well, he generally pissed me off in this episode. I can understand why he’s mad at DaVinci for sleeping with Lucrezia but it doesn’t alter the fact that I don’t care either way. DaVinci even risked his own life in this episode with a blood transfusion in order to save Lorenzo and the latter decided to repay him with a little attempted murder.

Unfortunately because of this stuff, it’s continuing to blur my feelings on Lucrezia just that bit more. Yes, she’s beautiful, mysterious and a little bit unpredictable but if I have to see any more scenes with DaVinci and Lorenzo fighting and fawning over her this season, I really am going to need the fast forward button. Neither of these relationships are that interesting to watch now.

Thankfully aside from one dream sequence, Lucrezia didn’t actually interact with either of her lovers and spent most of this episode being held captive by Riario before being chucked into the water with Zoroaster. I want to like Lucrezia more as a character but the writing for her needs to be a lot better and the sooner the better in that regard.

One character who really was a highlight of this episode was in fact Riario. Yes, he was a brutish thug to Lucrezia and for some reason decided to hold onto Nico but he was also oodles of fun to actually watch and the scene where he allowed his servant girl to follow him certainly spoke some volumes. Perhaps there’s a tiny bit of decency in Riario after all.

Also in “The Blood Of Man”

We got treated to Al Rahim in a dream telling DaVinci that he failed and another dangerous force is pursuing the Book Of Leaves.

DaVinci: “There might be a way out of this. You just have to play dead.”
Lorenzo: “I’m already dead.”

I don’t think you have to be a genius to figure out where exactly this show will go with Vanessa’s pregnancy once a certain person finds out, do you?

Clarice (to Dragonetti): “I am in your debt for the life of my child but if you ever betray the Medici clan again, I will have you gutted like a pig.”

Andreas: “There are other Medicis to replace Lorenzo. There is only one Leonardo DaVinci.”
DaVinci: “And look what Florence has become without Lorenzo.”

Maybe I missed something but who was Amelia? Lucrezia wasn’t best pleased when Riario mentioned the character. I also hope we get some more scenes with Pope Sixtus IV and Lucrezia’s father.

DaVinci (re his friends/Riario): “What do they want?”
Lucrezia: “They want what we all want, Leonardo. They want you.”

Andreas (to DaVinci): “I’m sorry my boy, but there’s already been too much death this day.”

I think the title sequence has been adjusted a little with a few new names thrown into the mix, including Carolina Guerra as Ima.

Al Rahim: “You have failed, DaVinci. You are not the one we hoped. It’s a dark hour and your arrogant belief that you are capable of anything has made it darker.”

Chronology: From where “The Lovers” left off and of course, six months later for the opening scene.

Following the reception in some parts this show generated for it’s first season, it’s unlikely that audiences will have completely returned for the second season but if they have, then this was a fine opening episode. “The Blood Of Man” certainly hinted at some very interesting times for our characters to come over the next few weeks.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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