Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Look: Salem

I've been meaning to mention this show for a while but with a month to go before it airs, I guess now is a good time to talk about Salem (and I'm not referring to a talking cat either).

A historical fictional drama created by Adam Simon and Brannon Braga and also the first scripted drama for US cable station, WGN America, Salem is a 13 episode series that will tell of the infamous 17th century witch trials and it's cast boasts the likes of Revenge actress, Ashley Madekwe as Tituba, the right hand woman of Janet Montgomery's (Merlin) character Mary Sibley, the most powerful witch in Salem and the wife of the wealthy Selectman George Sibley.

Other cast members include Nip/Tuck's Seth Gabel as Cotton Mather who oversees the witch hunts of Salem as well as Xander Berkeley (24, Being Human US) in the role of Magistrate Hale, one of Salem's Selectman along with Shane West (ER, Nikita) as John Alden, a hardened veteran of war and captivity who is consumed into the Witch Hunt of Salem and Tamzin Merchant (The Tudors) a talented artist who finds an attraction to John upon his arrival in Salem.

Checking out the trailers, it certainly looks great and with the likes of American Horror Story: Coven, Once Upon A Time and Witches Of East End all proving that witches will always have a place on television, I can see Salem doing fairly well too.

Spoilers/Cast Pictures:

Salem will air on WGN America, Sundays from April 20th.

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Anonymous said...

Looks interesting. Speaking of witch, I recommend checking out The Witches of East End if you haven't already.