Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Review of Revenge's 3x16: "Disgrace"

Written by Shannon Goss
Directed by Matt Shakman

Victoria (to Daniel): “Oh, I just love the opera. You just never know what performance you’re going to get.”

You’d think for a family whose lives are a constant opera, it would be one of the last places they’d want to be but at least Victoria was right – that was certainly a performance from Emily. I have to admire the fact that she willing leaked her own medical records in order to make Victoria and Daniel think they had an advantage over her.

Of course, it also meant that for the time being she’s probably also destroyed whatever kind of a relationship she might have wanted with half sister Charlotte but after too many distractions, this episode was a relief with Emily getting her shit together and actually focusing on some takedowns for a change. It’s been way too long.

However, her plan wasn’t entirely flawless. While Daniel might be glad he can divorce Emily without her being able to use his attempted kill on her as leverage, at least Victoria was savvy enough to realise that Emily is actually targeting the Grayson family instead of being a standard grifter. She even managed to sort of make a Flight 197 connection as well, which is something that she should’ve done years ago to be honest.

With the Graysons getting Emily out of their hair (or so they think), I’m not too sad that one of Emily’s next targets happened to be Margaux’s father, Pascal. Nothing against Oliver Martinez but his acting isn’t exactly riveting stuff and within one episode, I found Pascal somewhat tedious as a character.

His horribly snide attitude towards Margaux was grating enough but his implied rivalry with Conrad and not so subtle attraction to Victoria (who really was crap at playing hard to get this week) along with his connection to David Clarke – meh, I’m just not feeling any of it to be honest.

It’s weird because Stevie has had similar predictable plotting and she actually has worked so far as a character but with Pascal, I’m actually not that keen on seeing any more of him than I have to at the moment. Speaking of Stevie – I think this episode confirmed that she’s more friend than foe with her various scenes with Jack and Emily this week.

She does genuinely seem to want to make up for some lost time with Jack and even seemed guilty when it came to failing David Clarke as well. I also liked that Stevie and Emily confronted each other and realised that they each had good intentions in relation to Jack. I think the best thing about Stevie is that even away from Conrad and Victoria, she’s actually holding her own as a character. Although it’s not too likely, I actually want her to stick around for a little longer too.

Last but not least when Emily wasn’t exposing herself on Voulez’s social media, Nolan was getting reacquainted with fellow computer genius, Javier, who did come in handy this week and managed to be more enjoyable as a character than Pascal was. Maybe it’s just the idea of Nolan having his own protégé but either way, Javier can stick around for the time being.

Also in “Disgrace”

With both Patrick and Aiden gone, it seems like both Javier and possibly, Brooks are there for the totty quotient. I could be wrong though.

Emily: “You’re testing me.”
Nolan: “Just wanna make sure you don’t blackout and become your own worst Emily.”

Acting aside, isn’t Oliver Martinez a little too young to be playing Margaux’s father?

Stevie: “I’m proud of you, Jack. Moving on is a brave thing.”

Daniel (to Emily): “We’re getting a divorce.”

Despite being rather horrible, Daniel did show some compassion for Patrick’s departure though.

Stevie: “Emily Grayson, why don’t you tell me who you really are?”

Nolan: “Jack, I can’t keep depriving the world of my genius.”
Jack: “Yeah, about that, do you want me to stop the elevator?”

I did like seeing Jack and Nolan (along with Javier) nicking some archives from June 1997 after Stevie tipped them off about a link.

Nolan: “Well, that’s a bombshell but who made the bomb?”
Emily: “My next target.”

Victoria: “Keep your distance, Pascal. This dress may touch my body but you’ll never be so lucky.”

Standout music: Mostly the opera this week.

Javier (to Nolan): “Thanks for letting me stay, man. You’re the only guy I liked inside so I’m in your debt.”

Chronology: Not long since “Struggle”.

Well, this was fun enough. “Disgrace” seems to be making some progress and slowly getting back to some decent takedowns and the scene at the opera was a nice moment too. Other than that, nothing too groundbreaking though.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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