Monday, March 31, 2014

TWOP To Close Down

I don't usually talk about sites closing down but when it comes to one of the TV sites, I regularly post on, I thought I would though.

Television Without Pity was a site I discovered back in 2004 and one that I've been posted on in some capacity since 2005 but from April 4th, it seems the site will no longer be with us, though the forums will at least last until May 31st.

It's actually a pity the site is closing down. While it could be a little too snarky at times and the recaps for various TV episodes were ones I stopped reading, I liked the general cohesion of the forums itself (no multiple threads on the same topic) and I guess I'll miss that but then again, no site really lasts forever and already there will be a replacement of sorts from the original TWOP founders with a place called Previously TV, which seems like it will do more or less the same thing. I'll probably be signed on to that by the end of the week too.

Press Release:
Previously TV:

So will you miss TWOP and can Previously TV fill the void?

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