Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Glee - 100 (Spoilers)

Santana (to Brittany): What do you say you and I reunite a little threesome called the Unholy Trinity?

Did anyone think when Glee launched in 2009 it would become a show (in spite of it's glaring problems at times) that would run for at least 100 episodes? Not to mention the fact that there are still 32 to go through between now and 2015 of course.

Unholy Trinity: The original mean girls of McKinley (well, two out of three really were mean) provided arguably the best number of the episode with their version of Toxic and while this rendition didn't cause a sex riot, it did see Santana, Quinn and Brittany in some racy gear though as well as their Cheerio outfits. I have to admit to missing the three of them banded together and while Quinn didn't really interact with the other two bar the number in question, it was nice to see the possibility of Brittany and Santana reuniting. Brittany was otherwise a calming influence in a not so pleasant Santana this week and hearing the latter belting out Valerie again was welcomed.

Diva Off: Like we haven't had enough of those in the past but seeing as this was an episode laced in notalgia (old songs, attitudes, etc), having Rachel and Mercedes first compete and then bond with each other over their respective talent and current achievement was fine. Personally, I wasn't great fussed with their version of Defying Gravity (along with Kurt in the background) and both of them were as bad as each other to be honest. Still, it was nice to see Mercedes stick up for Rachel after Santana making their current feud so public to everyone else in the auditorium. I am beginning to wonder though if the show is going to end up replacing Santana with Mercedes when it comes to a certain living arrangement in New York. Maybe I'm just reading too much into it though.

The Lady Is A Seacrest Tattoo Owner: Oh Quinn, you just gotta love her in your own way, don't you? She bagged herself a moneyed, bland so and so named Biff Mackintosh (Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford) and tried to hide her past despite inviting him to come along to meeting her old friends at McKinley. Of course, Biff did eventually manage to find out about everything, acted like a plank and got binned by Puck (which was amusing enough). Actually this episode did seem to lay it on thick with Quinn and Puck but given that they got some beautiful scenes together (Puck's rendition of Keep Holding On was fantastic), it was actually nice to see them get together in the end. I guess this possibly means that along with Mercedes (and hopefully Brittany and Mike) we might get to see more of them for the remainder of the show's life again.

Guest Stars On Facebook Page: In absence of characters like Emma, Beiste and Figgins (why weren't they here?), we did have both April Rhodes and Holly Holliday resurface and provide some amusement as well as a mutual desire to try and save the Glee club. I have a feeling given that this show is moving to New York on a pernament basis that this might be a losing battle but between Will's elaborate spending, Sue's apathy and April's freezing funds, I'm guessing Glee club really will be out forever. Performance wise, April provided us with Raise Your Glass and Holly delved into Happy (the only new number of the episode). However with the mention of certain past guest characters, I'm surprised they didn't try to get in Idina Menzel and Ricky Martin for this one as well.

Everything Else: Apart from the main plot points - what else happened here? Well, the audience reminded that Kurt and Blaine are still engaged, with April offering them some Hooch, all the newbies from Season 4 onwards barely got any dialogue and Rachel even failed to know Ryder's name (which isn't the worst thing she's ever done) and the end scene seemed to set up that this was some kind of unofficial two parter. It seems that next week's 101st episode will feature even more nods to the past and the end of McKinley and probably the Glee club for this show forever. As 100th episodes went, I've seen better ones and I've definitely seen worst ones and the nods to Finn worked better here than in the previous episode if I'm being honest. However I will also admit that parts of this episode were rushed, the meta was it's usual choppy self in parts and it did feel like Santana was being regressed but overall, it was a solid, engaging episode nonetheless.

Glee continues to air on FOX Tuesdays at 8pm. Sky1 have not confirmed yet when the second half of the fifth season will air.

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