Saturday, March 22, 2014

Positively Wicked

It's been a while but here are some of the shows I've been watching lately ...

Arrow: A brilliant set of episodes. Of course, I'm on Sky1 pace but the last two I've watched had Robert Knepper as an impressive Clock King, introduced Nyssa al Ghul (a character so interesting I want her to return soon), made Sara's existence known to both Dinah and Laurel, gave Felicity something to do and set Oliver and Moira at odds, along with Slade making himself known as well. This show has certainly become rather addictive viewing with this season alone and the next batch of episodes look even better too.

Girls: On a list of things I wasn't clamouring for with this show, an episode where Hannah and Adam engaged in a little roleplay would be high on that list. The last two episodes of this show aside from that have been fun. It was actually nice to see some of Hannah's extended family (her grandmother was a hoot) and having Shoshanna actually break up Jessa and Jasper's toxic relationship was probably the most productive thing the character has ever done either. Marnie seems a little lost at sea though with the songwriting plot but aside from that, I am finding myself almost warming to these characters a tiny bit more.

Looking: Eight episodes in and HBO's newest dramady has ended in a way that felt as lowkey as it's beginnings. It's not entirely a criticism mind as it does look like Dom might have both his restaurant and his man, Patrick will juggle both Richie and Kevin and Agustin will probably just mope and feel bad for himself instead of trying to win Frank back. The last two episodes were pretty solid but not spectacular but I am hoping with a second season now confirmed, the show will pick up the pace a little.

Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD: It's back on Channel 4 after a three month break and having watched the first two episodes of 2014, I have to admit the show is improving. The focusing on both Coulson and Skye's past certainly helped matters, the cliffhangers have become a little better but more to the point, the gang seem to have gelled together a little better as well between breaks. It's because of these little things that I really do hope now this show doesn't suffer the same fates as Firefly and Dollhouse right now.

Once Upon A Time: The first half of Season 3 dealt with Pan and the needlessness of him being related to Rumple. This second half now is focusing on Zelena (the Wicked Witch Of The West) and guess what? She's only Regina's half-sister. While I do wish the show would knock it off with having every main antagonist related to a regular character, I have to admit that I am finding Zelena a lot of fun to watch and I'm intrigued by why there's another curse and what exactly she seems to want with Snow's baby as well. Overall, there's a good sense of fun here with Emma back into the mix as well as some old favourites too.

The Musketeers: This show still isn't really doing it for me but the last two episodes have been alright I suppose. I have to admit I don't really care too much about D'Artagnan and Constance but I do like that Richelieu has gotten a bit more to do over the last two episodes. As glad as I am that Peter Capaldi will be the Doctor for the foreseeable future, I do think this show is going to lose something with his inevitable absence in two episodes time.

True Detective: I think the hype surrounding this show just proves that Breaking Bad might not be the greatest show of all time. Critics are quick to move on to one brilliant show and focus their attention on another. Episodes three and four of this show certainly have maintained a great pace with both Marty and Rust playing off each other as well and with the shock ending of the latter episode, it's really become a lot of fun trying to predict where the show is actually going with the characters and the ongoing mystery at the moment.

- It will be Arrow's 19th episode of Season 2 that will introduce characters from The Flash series into it.
- Chris Colfer will be writing an upcoming episode of Glee.
- Caterina Scorsone will reprise her role as Amelia in an upcoming episode of Grey's Anatomy.
- Supernatural's spin-off now has the title of Bloodlines. The main show itself has been dropped by SkyLiving.
- Desmond Harrington will be playing Alan Shephard in Astronaut Wives Club.
- Chicago Fire and Grimm have been renewed for further seasons by NBC.
- Patton Oswald will be appearing in Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD as agent Eric Koenig.
- White Collar will return for a sixth and final season comprising of six episodes.
- Zoe Saldana will be playing Rosemary in a new version of Rosemary's Baby for NBC.
- Another character will be killed off in the third season finale of Revenge.

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