Sunday, August 08, 2010

Absolute Justice Y'all

Another week in the Big Brother house and this time, they went all a bit Dickens. Plus points to Corin for actually trying to get into her Scrooge character but minus ones to John James who decided to quit his Mrs Havensham part of the task, simply because he couldn't bear to be stuck in a room with Rachel for a whole day. Rather her than some other people in this house's. Mario's magic routine wasn't the best bit we saw out of this task either but at least he got into the spirit of things and that's better than Josie vs. Sam, which dominated the first half of the week. Also, isn't it hyporcritical of Dave to moan about Mario putting him up for eviction during the Save And Replace task when he nominated Mario himself? Seriously, Dave change the record already. Unfortunately though, we're stuck with him for another week because despite both Dave and John James acting like morons, it was Rachel who got the boot. I really don't understand the mentality of people who vote sometimes.

Misfits took something of a dark turn this week. It was only a matter of time before Sally would get her evidence about Tony's death but even I thought things wouldn't go down like this. Are the writers setting Simon up to become a future threat because I can't see how he can come back from killing Sally? Yes, she used him and sure as hell didn't mind smacking his head off a mirror to get away from him but you have to feel bad for her a little though. Simon's always been a bit creepy and now he's a murderer. At least with Kelly it had been self defence but Simon wasn't going to let Sally escape, was he? Luckily though, there were some lighter moments in the episode such as Curtis's various attempts to break up with Samantha (quoting Spiderman did the trick) and realising that him and Alisha were getting serious as a couple. Oddly, the best moments of the episodes were with Nathan being manipulated by a baby and then spending time with Kelly. Not sure I want to see them as a couple but it was nice to see him acting like less of a prick in the latter of the episode than usual. I hope the finale is just as good as this one.

In terms of guilty pleasure, do I have to class Mistresses as one? Okay, so like the shows it's obviously influenced from (Sex And The City, Desperate Housewives), it's unlikely to win prizes for gritty realism but funnily for a show about adultery, it does heavily focus on the negative aspects of it. Katie being the classic example. In the space of the first two series, her adultery has cost her employment and a relationship and going by the growing closeness to the bland Richard in the opening episode here, it's likely that her friendship with Trudi will be shattered as well. I didn't need her mother, Vivienne (played by Joanna Lumley) to drill that home and this whole episode seemed to go out of it's way to show the signs of the core friendships shattering. Siobhan will most likely incur Jessica's wrath when it slips out that she lent Mark money for IVF and will anyone of them forgive Katie for going after Richard? Ending the series after three years isn't a bad idea and this opening episode was decent enough but I was hoping for something a little less gloomy to be honest.

For the next few blogs, I will talk about the final few episodes of Nip/Tuck. The show is clearly winding down and this episode drilled it home. Plastic surgery is so 2004, according to Joan Rivers, who appeared in Christian's dreams here and injectibles are the way to go. Sadly, Christian also had to go to painstaking lengths to prove a point about the relevance of a face lift and even used YouTube for popularity. Of course, it went wrong and him and Sean seem to be on the outs yet again. The dream sequence stuff was interesting - the appearances of Kimber and Christian's father having the most effect but after six seasons, can this show please give Liz a love interest? We got close with Danielle this week and she went back to her husband. Even Kurt on Glee has shown more progress in one year than Liz has in this show's duration.

Breaking news - Smallville pulled off an exciting episode. A really exciting one. Okay, it's the first of a two part story but the Justice League? Bring it on! I know a few of them are embittered and the like (especially with Oliver getting attacked by one of them) but this is definitely a masterstroke for the series and the final five minutes of the episode are wonderful. I really hope that the second part lives up to the great set up here.

After months of giving it a short shrift, I decided to actually watch The Vampire Diaries. I'm not gonna lie - it won't give True Blood a run for it's money any time soon but it's certainly less annoying than the Twilight franchise. The story is fairly predictable. Two sparring vampire brothers, nice but boring Stefan and bad boy cliche Damon have the hots for student Elena, who lost her parents recently and happens to look like a woman that both brothers loved and lost centuries ago. In terms of the characters, the brothers need improving on, Elena's not that bad but her seemingly psychic mate Bonnie is somewhat more interesting along with the mystery uncle of Stefan. The rest of the characters didn't really do much for me to care but I will watch further episodes and give this show a genuine chance to shine.


Nat said...

I was at a bit of a loss as to what to watch so I had a look at the Absolute Justice special. I'll agree the first part was really excellent- nice to see that after 9 years Smallville can still do that!

I also watched the second which is sadly not quite as good, it's pretty decent though.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Smallville hasn't been that exciting in a while but Absolute Justice certainly proved it can do it when it sets it's mind on it. Need to catch up with the second part though myself.

Anonymous said...

Haven't watched The Vampire Diaries, but I hear it gets better as it goes along.

shawnlunn2002 said...

A friend of mine has seen most of the first season and he's said that it does improve so I'll stick with it.