Thursday, August 19, 2010

Death Does Not Become Him

I know I'm late and I apologise but here's my highlights. More to come on Sunday.

Blimey, it's been a mixed few days in the Big Brother house. The house being flooded could be intepreted as a sign that maybe this show should end all the more or it could've been bad workmanship as well, which is the likelier option. Other highlights in the last few day? I'm not gonna say Jo's eviction but I will say that there's a certain glee in seeing virtually everyone in the last few days take John James to task over his treatment of everyone (particularly Corin) and the set of pointless tasks in yesterday's highlights with Sam as a butler and John James becoming crab eyes. I'm also liking that Mario and Corin seem to be getting some actual airtime as well as Josie being a lot more likeable than she has been for weeks. I won't be sad to see this series end but I do hope that John James and Dave are amongst the four gone by tomorrow night.
Now, that was a finale. Misfits has been brilliant to catch up on over the last six weeks and while it's a shame that Sally met her end and everyone else is seemingly none the wiser (except maybe Kelly), the episode had a lot of fun with a purity girl wanting to talk the hedonism out of everyone and pretty much did with Kelly, Alisha and Curtis. I liked that Nathan was the one who resisted it, even if it meant that he had to die, only to wake up in his own coffin. Images like that never stop being scary and I certainly didn't envy Robert Sheehan having to film that. The first season has been a lot of fun and I'm certainly going to be tuning into a second season when E4 airs it later on. Oh and Simon keeping Sally's dead body as a playmate really does prove how creepy that kid is.

The Good Wife has been something that I've been watching on and off for most of the year and has been pretty good. Hardly a series that can be accused of reinventing the wheel but the characters have been well formed, likeable and the plots mostly interesting. Plus the guest stars over the last few weeks, notably Carrie Preston and Alan Cumming have been enjoyable enough, especially as the latter's Gold character served as a reasonable thorn in Alicia's side. The finale seemed to further the Alicia and Will arc that's been dominent with the second of the season, furthered Kalinda's sexuality and also had Amy Acker playing the wife of a man killed because he was about to expose corrupt cops. I'll definitely keep with the series.

Out of the shows I'm highlighting in this blog, why does Mistresses have to be so gloomy? I get that it's probably wise to show the consequences of adultery but even in the first two series we got to see some of the characters have actual fun. With this final series, that's not been happening. Katie can't seem to tolerate her mother, showed anger when she learned her father was a cheat and even snogged Richard. How does Richard pull both Katie and Trudi when he's so bloody boring? Watching him whine and moan about Trudi not wanting to sell her business was a source of tedium and a part of me cheered that she actually got closer to her new business partner as well. As for Siobhan and Jessica, between engaged exes and unwilling to work to get out of debt hubbies, neither of them are having much fun either.

Good news people - Ugly Betty's fourth and final season is finally airing but the stinker is that it's been relegated to E4 and T4 screenings only. It's a shame because I've already seen most of the last year months ago and it's actually very good in places - Season 1 good even. The first two episodes aren't the series best but they did have some high points. Betty trying to settle into her new position was one of them, Daniel trying to get a new assistant was another and of course, the hints that the writers are also going to finally address Justin's sexuality as well. The next 18 episodes are going to be interesting.

- Andrea Bowen will be appearing in Desperate Housewives in the future as well as Joy Lauren, reprising her role as Danielle Katz.
- Anna Gunn has signed up for a guest role in the new season of Lie To Me.
- Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer have posed naked/covered in bood for an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Alan Ball has also mentioned that Hallow (a necromancer/were/medium/witch) will be the main villain for Season 4 of True Blood. The role has yet to be cast.
- An episode of Smallville will force Lois and Clark together in the future.
- Nurse Jackie actor Guillermo Diaz has been cast in an upcoming episode of new ABC series, No Ordinary Family. He'll guest star as Detective Cordero.

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