Friday, August 06, 2010

Skins - Season 5 Cast - Spoilers

It's been months since the fourth season of Skins has aired on E4 and with as movie combining the first two generations due for next year, something else to look forward to is the arrival of the cast for Generation 3. Pictured above are newbies Alexander Arnold, Dakota Blue Richards, Sean Teale, Sebastian De Souza, Will Merrick, Laya Lewis, Freya Mavor and Jessica Sula. Nothing yet has been disclosed about their characters or plotlines but over the next few months, expect more stuff to materialise about the new kids in town, such as which one of them is the gay character, who's the kooky one, who's the bad boy and who'll die in Series 6? Thoughts anyone?


Acid Test said...

So, the Movie involves both, the first and the second generations, right ? AWSOME

shawnlunn2002 said...

According to rumours, both the first two generations are involved. So 2011 will be interesting for this franchise.