Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big Brother 11 - The Final Five

Okay so last night's episode finally saw John James, Corin, Sam and Steve all get evicted and we finally have our final five who each all stand a chance of being a part of Tuesday's Ultimate Big Brother. My thoughts on the remaining housemates left.

Mario Mugan: I was really surprised and pleased to see that he didn't get evicted last night but what was up with the booing he generated in BBBM? Come on, Mario's had moments where he can be a little petulant but he's been one of the nicer housemates this year and it would be rather ironic if he won it, considering how much of a fan of the show he is and the fact that two months on, people still refer to him as the Mole.

Josie Gibson: I've liked her more this week than I have in the last few months. She's stood up to John James over Corin and is actually a better person without him around her. Plus it does seem blatantly obvious that the producers want her to win. I don't really care if she does but I'd like to see Mario bag it.

Andrew Edmonds: I like Andrew, he's been a mostly entertaining enough housemate and we do need a geek in the mix, even if it's one lusting after Josie as well. I don't think he'll win it though but he does seem to be liked by everyone else in the house.

JJ Bird: Probably the only one left in the house that teen girls fancy but he's been in that house over a month and hasn't done anything memorable. Being the sidekick of John James might keep you from being evicted but it certainly doesn't make him interesting. Then again, he might surprise me in the next few days.

Dave Vaughan: How the hell did he not kicked out of this last night? Dave still being on this show defies logic. Maybe the Christian vote kept him in but if he does win this, then this will be the worst victory ever.

As for the rest, I was glad to see the back of John James, disappointed that both Sam and Corin had to leave but wasn't bothered about Steve's departure.

The Final and Ultimate Big Brother air Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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