Saturday, August 07, 2010

Reviews For Remainder Of 2010

As August is here, the summer is drawing to a close and this blogspot will get a little busier during the next couple of months. So here's a list of shows that you can expect highlighted over the next couple of months.

Doctor Who: Some Classic Series serials will be reviewed along with the 2010 Proms Concert upon BBC3 transmission and the Christmas special. Set reports/filming pictures for Series 6 will also surface as well.

Torchwood: Series 4 won't begin filming until January 2011 but I'll be posting the odd spoiler here and there when they become available as well as any set report/filming pictures that become available in the new year.

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Series 4 is due to start soon, so reviews and pictures of cast shots and trailers will surface here.

Lost: When I get the Season 6 DVD, a review will surface for it. I might do a rundown of Top 20 episodes as well but that could be next year.

Desperate Housewives: Season 6 overview blog will emerge next month and I'll do some trailer talk/cast shots for Season 7 when they become available.

Nip/Tuck: I'm gonna talk about the last three episodes in my weekly reviews and do a Season 6 overview in two weeks time.

Brothers And Sisters: Expect some discussion for Season 5 spoilers as well as cast shows, trailers, etc. Also if Season 5 is the last for the series, I might do a Compare/Contrast blog next year with this show and Six Feet Under.

True Blood: I'll review the remaining episodes of Season 3 as well as the books Dead In The Family and A Touch Of Dead.

Dexter: I've fixed the Season 3 reviews (damn formatting errors) and I'll start reviewing Season 4 upon UK transmission on FXUK - August 20th. Some reviews might be early/late depending on timing but they will appear on this blog.

Merlin: A review for Season 2 on DVD will appear in the next few days. Season 3 trailers/promotional pictures will appear and I'll do mini-reviews of the episodes for the new season as well.

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: Reviews for the first three seasons will appear on this blog. They'll be tackled somewhat differently from other reviews though.

Skins: A review for the Season 4 DVD will be up in the next few days and anything spoilery for Season 5 will appear on here.

Single Father: This will factor on my blog but I don't know if I'll do mini-reviews or discuss it as a part of my weekly TV discussion.

Christopher And His Kind: This will be reviewed for this blog in the same way that Lennon Naked and Hamlet have been in recent months.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: There's a Riley one-shot out this month and the final arc, Last Gleaming starts in September, so reviews are imminent for them.

Weekly Reviews: Soaps, reality TV, other US programmes and whatever else takes my fancy will still be discussed here as well as a guide to Christmas 2010 TV.

2010 Overview: Like the previous two years, an overview of the year will surface on New Year's Eve.

All my reviews are still archived on my main group as well.

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