Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Look: Skins US

So, a US version of Skins on MTV has been discussed for a while now and it seems that we finally have a cast for it.

I've been trying to find out who these guys are but nowhere seems to be disclosing it. On the plus, at least they've cast actual teenagers for the roles. For the first season, it'll be based on the characters, Tony, Michelle, Sid, Cassie, Jal, Chris, Anwar, Effy and Tea.

Sorry boys but there's no Maxxie in this one. Instead, we get a lesbian cheerleader named Tea (played by Sofia Black D'Elia) who takes the guys out on a Big Lesbian Night out in the opening episode and is supposed to be a match for Tony.

I'm actually not that bothered with Maxxie getting the boot (though I do hope a gay male surfaces at some point) and if Bryan Elsley can actually keep this show from not straying into the similar bland territory of MTV's reality fodders, this might actually be a decent version of the UK series. According to Elsley, the writing staff contains a fair chunk of young women and gay men.

Skins US debuts on MTV from 2011 and with Series 5 of the UK version of the series, we'll certainly be spoiled for choice.

Bryan Elsley/Sophia Black D'Elia Interview:


Nat said...

It's not surprising that they've exchanged the gay boy with a lesbian girl, considering it's going to be an American show. Will be interesting to hear more about this cast.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Me neither but between this show and the third generation being announced, we're getting rid of Skins anytime soon.