Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sookie's Choice - Bill, Eric Or Alcide?

So we're past the halfway point of True Blood's third season and we're heading into something of a love quadrangle. Sookie Stackhouse has not one but three eligible men baying for her affections and while fangirls seem to think only one of the three of them is genuinely deserving of the telepathic waitress, I'm gonna delve into the pros and cons of all three suitors.

Bill Compton: They say you remember your first love but they rarely say that your first love is the one you're meant to be with. Bill may be devoted to Sookie but he was sent to Bon Temps at Sophie-Anne's behest and has been looking into Sookie's family history without her knowledge. Also in this week's episode, he literally drained Sookie dry and left her for dead, even if he did later bring her out of her coma. Plus as many fans have pointed out (and I'm inclined to agree), Sookie herself is often better when she isn't with Bill. There's a chemistry and love there but I don't think that's enough to see them through.

Eric Northman: At the risk of irating fangirls but I don't get the Eric love as madly as I possibly should. Yes, he's attractive, has an interesting history and probably does genuinely love Sookie but he's also controlling, manipulative and not above putting his own interests above everyone else. On the plus side, while he's got the horn for Sookie, it's refreshing to see that she isn't the be all and end all for him as well. The fact that he's got a score to settle with Russell and wanted to save Pam from the Magister made me like him more than anything involving Sookie. Plus, I don't like the way he tricked Sookie into drinking from him, something I've noticed that a lot of female fans tend to skim over, well most of them do. And these are the same ones who endlessly moan about Sookie when she so much as opens her mouth to speak.

Alcide Herveaux: This one is more complicated for me. Realistically, Sookie should be with Alcide because it's the only relationship between the three that could last and also because Alcide doesn't treat her like a child or a possession (unlike Bill/Eric) but given the fact that he's still got a rather toxic relationship with Debbie to contend with as well as his own duties being in a pack, it could raise the same amount of dangers to Sookie that her associations with Bill and Eric as well. I like Alcide a lot more than some people and he's certainly nice to look at but another negative on him is that he did seem to have more chemistry with Tara than Sookie in the last two episodes.

Overall Conclusion: Undecided but if forced at gunpoint, I'll say Alcide.

What are everyone else's views?


Anonymous said...

Alcide all the way! Love him!

Have you seen this Joe Manganiello video interview? SO HOT!

shawnlunn2002 said...

Seen the interview but thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I am conflicted between Alcide and Eric.

I've been reading the books now (on Dead as a Doornail) and Bill is absolutely not worth her troubles anymore. Sookie even realized he's done nothing for her besides introducing danger and adventure into her life (and a pair of earrings). While he saved her life from the Rattrays, she has saved his on multiple occassions. While she was in danger, risking her life, he was else where.

Eric has always kinda been there for her. He may be a manipulative, self centered, smartass but most guys are anyway. He killed Long Shadow, bought her a new driveway (bill didn't offer and gave his money to the bellefluars (sp?), new coat, took two bullets for her on seperate occassions and even protected her from Russell's nest while they looked for the cheating Bill. He even pretended to be gay at a sex party so she could solve Lafayette's murder. I say he's pretty dedicated to hitting it then if that's all he's after.

Alcide is one hell of a guy ; )
Not only is he alive (!) And strong to protect her, she was welcomed by his pack. Debbie Pelt was a disaster and really shouldn't be held against his feelings for Sookie. There is so much attraction between the two. I believe he could really make her happy and grow old together. Only problem is, Alcide doesn't want kids : (
Well, maybe not now and def not with Debbie but maybe that'd change with Sookie?

shawnlunn2002 said...

I have a feeling that Bill is probably the end game in the series for Sookie but that we'll see her in relationships with Eric and Alcide at different points in the show's run. Personally, I'd go with Alcide.