Friday, August 26, 2011

Man's Best Friend

And here's another TV jumble for you all to feast on ...

Angry Boys: It's been a fortnight since the last episode aired on BBC3 but it was certainly a good one to end the series with. It might have been predictable that all the legends wound up arriving at Nathan's leaving do but it worked perfectly with ending the season. It'll be interesting to see if this show is picked up for a second run, I hope it is but it's hard to say where it'll go if it does continue.
Smallville: An interesting selection episodes. The one showing us a parallel world with Clark and Tess as lovers and parallel Lionel slipping into our world was probably the best. The other two, dealing with further attacks on vigilantes and Chloe's return also kept the pace a going but the time jump at the end (five years, really?) took me by surprise. But more on Alexander soon and parallel Lionel too, please show?

The Hour: The second half of the series hasn't been perfect but it's been enjoyable. The reveal of Clarence being a Soviet spy should've been more shocking but it seemed to peter out a little and you didn't have to be a genius to see Bel getting screwed over by losing her job and Hector in one fell swoop. Freddie was still his doggedly determined self but if this show gets a second run, it does need to focus with it's conspiracy plotting a little better. Still, this was a great bit of telly. Mad Men it may not be but it was worth watching.

The X Factor: Don't shoot - I'm still watching this and while it's going to crucify both Doctor Who and Merlin in the ratings for the next four months, this series is starting off well. No Simon/Cheryl double act of naffness to contend with, though Louis's determination for novelty is ever present if Goldie is anything to go by and the show's attempts of staging drama is also a constant if George was anything to go by. As for the new lot - Tulisa and Kelly are actually pretty decent and while I admire the fact that Gary is trying to take the damn show seriously, he's trying to be Simon a little too much for my liking. Other than that, a good start, some decent potential with certain contestants as well as some rubbish ones too.

The Vampire Diaries: I still have to watch the episode dealing directly with Tyler's transformation, the last two I did watch were fun. Loved the flashbacks into Katherine's lurid past almost as much as I loved Stefan getting entombed with her. Other highlights have been Damon's rapport with Rose, the Jeremy/Bonnie/Luca triangle, Elijah's return and learning more about the mysterious Klaus. Yeah, this series is definitely shaping up as a good one.

Wilfred: When one comedy ends on BBC3, another begins and it's funny how their funniest ones nowadays seem to be the imported ones. The US version of a hit Aussie comedy has been a joy to watch with Wilfred being the most incorrigible of mutts you could possibly meet. Elijah Wood is really excelling as the repressed Ryan and characters like Jenna and Spencer work reasonably well too. Definitely worth catching.

- Billie Piper and David Tennant will be appearing in a five part BBC1 drama next year called True Love. Also featured as Gemma Chan, Jane Horricks and David Morrissey.
- Charlie Brooker and Daniel Maier have written a two hour crime spoof called A Touch Of Cloth starring Suranne Jones, Julian Rhind-Tutt and John Hannah.
- BBC have bought the rights to upcoming ABC drama, Pan Am.
- There's a possibility we'll be getting another time jump in the eighth and final season of Desperate Housewives.
- Game Of Thrones will film in both Iceland and Croatia as well as Belfast and Malta this year.
- A gay character will feature at some point during the first season of Ringer.
- Jamie Lee Curtis will be guest starring in NCIS as a love interest to Gibbs. Great coup there.

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