Tuesday, August 02, 2011

No I Won't Cry

And this week, I'll be doing two TV jumble blogs, so here's the first one ....

Camelot: Okay, these last two episodes I have absolutely loved to bits. Morgan as Igraine for an entire episode made me reassess Claire Forlani's acting performances but even after the chaos she caused, I still had to admire how Morgan managed to turn the situation to her advantage. Even though I've had no issue with Arthur personally, his recklessness does seem to be biting him in the backside, doesn't it? The situation with Guinevere and Leontes couldn't have come at a worse time and even Merlin can't seem to outsmart Morgan, can he? Looking forward to seeing how this short lived series actually ends on Saturday.

Mildred Pierce: Am I the only one disappointed with this series? It started so well but I think it ended up running for two episodes too long and funnily enough, the last two weren't that thrilling. Did I really need to know that as an adult that Veda would still be an unbearable anti-christ? Probably not but at least Mildred tried to strangle her at one point and the bitch fecked off to New York. Mildred, count your blessing if you really do never see the brat again.

Sirens: Good set of last few episodes. I really hope this show is picked up for a second run. It's not exactly a series that reinvents the wheels but it's thankfully nowhere near as juvenile as it could've been. And the characters have developed a little - Stuart confronting his father issues, Ashley his issues with relationships and Rachid's own issues with the job itself. Even Maxine has progressed some since the first episode. Please Channel 4, another run?

The Hour: I caught up with the first two episodes and I think I'm in love with it. The Mad Men comparisons aren't totally justified but I do understand where they come from but controversially enough, I'm finding this show more enjoyable than the antics of Don Draper and company. The running of a topical programme, the characters of Freddie, Bel and Hector, the social and political elements and the murder mystery with the creepy Kish. If you're not watching this show, you should catch it.

- Justin Breuning has been cast as a love interest for Bridget in Ringer.
- Felicity Huffman has revealed that the opening episode of the new season of Desperate Housewives will revolve around the women getting rid of Alejandro's body.
- Tom Everett Scott has joined the cast of Good Christian Belles in a recurring role of a former high school nerd turned millionaire.
- Alan Ball will be returning to work on the fifth season of True Blood. It hasn't been decided what the next season big bad will be though.
- Sean Hayes will be starring in a new sitcom for NBC, scheduled to air on the station in 2012.
- Grey's Anatomy's new season will pick up five days after the seventh season finale.
- Jack Coleman will be appearing in the third season of The Vampire Diaries.

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