Sunday, August 21, 2011

Top TV Pairings Part 8

And here's my final installment in the TV Pairings rundown. Hope you enjoyed it.

Doctor Who - The Doctor/TARDIS

The fun thing about having a series that's run for 32 seasons so far is that the amount of pairings to choose from are thankfully, plentiful. I thought about this long and hard and after rewatching The Doctor's Wife, I felt that the Doctor and his ship (TARDIS/Idris/Sexy/Blue Box) was the ultimate TV pairing. Seriously, the connection those two share easily outclasses everything else by miles and long may it reign - them being each other's constant.

Brothers And Sisters - Kevin Walker/Scotty Wandall

Anyone who's ever had read my blogs would know that Kevin/Scotty were always going to rank high in this list. A wonderful gay couple who got plenty of guy on guy action, proper storytelling and let's face it, the chemistry between Matthew Rhys and Luke Macfarlane really does put everything on the show to shame, given how wonderful they are. I so need the Season 5 DVD like there's no freaking tomorrow.

Being Human - George Sands/Nina Pickering

Mitchell and Annie were fine and all that but for me, the heart of Being Human has become George and Nina's relationship and the two of them have gone through a lot (werewolf transformations, pregnancy, near death experiences, divided loyalties) and come out the other side each time. I can't wait to see how becoming parents works for them next season.

Six Feet Under - David Fisher/Keith Charles

A bit before Kevin/Scotty, the other most significant gay couple were David and Keith and while sometimes the show might have overdone the arguments between them, for me, these two always felt like a real couple. David and Keith were definitely landmark television in a way that Queer As Folk and Glee's gay pairings aren't necessarily. A classic couple if ever there was one.

True Blood - Jessica Hamby/Hoyt Fortenberry

Yeah, I know they've had a horrible breakup in Spellbound and there's a distinct possibility that a Jessica/Jason pairing is possible but damn it, I loved these two as a couple and even recent episodes can't mar that for me. Though I am eagerly looking forward to the inevitable Sookie/Alcide pairing too.

I might do a runner up blog or two on other pairings that I didn't catch in the previous blogs.

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