Monday, August 08, 2011

My Review of True Blood's 4x07: "Cold Grey Light Of Dawn"

Written by Alexander Woo
Directed by Michael Ruscio

Jessica: “The sun!”

God damn it, Marnie/Antonia! Out of all the vampires I wanted to actually see kissing daylight, Jessica wasn’t one of them – even if she did seem determined to actually kill Marnie/Antonia. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t panic just yet.

Sure, Jessica managed to get out of her restraints, tricked a guard into opening her cell and ignored Bill’s pleas before trying to walk outside but considering that Jason was inches away from her aid, there is a hopeful possibility that Jessica might not be a casualty just yet. One can at least hope, right?

This was one hell of an episode for Jessica and her bonds with three prominent men in her life. On one hand, it’s looking increasingly likely that she and Hoyt are due for splitsville once again and on the other, it’s also looking rather likely that Jessica and Jason may share a connection of sorts too.

Jessica’s blood is definitely tying Jason’s loyalties up in knots as well. He tried to console Hoyt in the best way possible but also found himself compelled to come to Jessica’s aid as soon as he became aware that magic was afoot to make vampires walk in the daylight. In that respect, I gotta love Jason. He can be quite the hero when he sets his mind to it.

However the best bonding scenes Jessica had in this episode were with Bill. I love how their relationship has evolved over the last few seasons and it’s without a doubt one of the best dynamics we have. Bill was determined to keep Jessica safe but he was also determined to keep her humanity intact too. Even the most ardent of Bill haters have to respect that at least.

Another thing worthy of respecting Bill for was the fact that he informed both Sookie and Eric about Marnie/Antonia’s spell casting antics. He could’ve left them defenceless or even locked Eric away from Sookie but he didn’t. I’m not saying that we’re gonna get a Bill who approves of Sookie/Eric but unlike last week, at least he was being mature about things.

Speaking of Sookie and Eric, more sex between them this week and also, some much needed dialogue as well. I’m glad that there’s a part of Sookie that seems aware that she couldn’t love the old Eric, even if it’s sort of contradicted by the fact that a part of the old Eric is also capable of being the man she now seems to love.

Eric this week finally got some decent clothing but once again, I think the writers overdid it on some of his dialogue to a degree. I get that this Eric is supposed to be in love with Sookie but isn’t the one he doesn’t want to turn back into also in love with Sookie? Also, it’s been six episodes and Eric’s still without memory. I thought at this point, like with last season’s Bill’s abduction that Eric would’ve regained his memory by now. I guess we’re going to have to wait a little longer.

One thing we didn’t have to wait longer for was Tara making a reckless decision again. Dumping Naomi might have been a smart thing to do but did she have to join up with Marnie/Antonia’s quest against vampires so easily? Considering how prone Tara is to making bad decisions, it might have been wise if she had actually spent more than five minutes thinking it through.

More amazingly is how quickly Holly and the rest of the coven also joined in on the act. It wasn’t so long ago that they were horrified over the necromancing and now they’re actively participating in genocide. I guess now I can feel some kind of sympathy for the vampires against Marnie/Antonia. Except for Luis, but thanks to Bill, that annoying vampire is no more, so there’s still a little plus side to the witches’ plans.

Keeping with the witch stuff – Lafayette’s a medium? Well, that’s nice but again why did Jesus’s grandfather have to put him through the ringer to convey that piece of information? And while we’re at it, can Jesus get something to do because as pretty as he is to look at; he’s feeling like a spare part too.

I did find the scene where Lafayette could see the spirit woman around Mikey interesting as well. I’m wondering if that spirit is genuinely harmful or not because she kind of seemed friendly. Let’s hope they don’t continue to drag this little plot out too long as well, even if it is nice to have an episode where Arlene isn’t ranting about her son being the spawn of Satan for once.

Meanwhile, there was a time when Pam struck me as a sharp vampire but now, without Eric, she’s letting her emotions get the better of her. Attacking Tara and Naomi is only going to bite her in the ass considering she was caught on camera and Dr Ludwig’s solution for the rotting flesh isn’t going to fix her either. Pam really is in one of the worst positions right now, isn’t she?

Last but no least – Tommy, Sam and Luna. I’m glad that Sam and Luna worked out what Tommy had done pretty quickly and while I sort of felt a tiny bit sorry for Tommy, I think he got off lightly, considering what he did to Luna. Sam had every right to throw Tommy out but for some reason, I don’t think we’re done with the character just yet.

Also in “Cold Grey Light Of Dawn”

Marnie/Antonia used Luis to kill Katie and attack Bill. I actually felt bad for Katie. She didn’t deserve to die.

Pam (to the crowd): “I am not a zombie.”

Maybe not, Pam but I really want to see what this show’s take on a zombie is. Maybe it’s something they should consider for next year.

Alcide: “It’s not right to leave her alone.”
Debbie: “It’s not right to be thinking about Sookie when we’ve joined a new pack.”

Naomi: “I changed my mind. I don’t like Tara and everything you’ve shown me says you don’t really like her. Fuck her, let’s go.”

Alcide/Debbie joined Marcus’s pack and it seems that Debbie has realised that Alcide is into Sookie. Well, she’s always known, hasn’t she?

Bill: “It appears the reunion was a happy one.”
Eric: “Yes, very much so.”
Sookie: “Shush, Eric.”

Marnie/Antonia: “You may call me Antonia.”
Tara: “Why should I call you anything?”
Marnie/Antonia: “Because we are alike. Because we have both suffered at the hands of vampires. They have raped us, fed on us, am I right?”

Where was Nan during this episode? I assumed that Bill warned her about Marnie/Antonia’s spell but it was odd not seeing her here.

Sookie (to Eric): “I’m sorry. I’ve lost too many people in my life, I can’t lose you too.”

Bill: “I’ve had 175 years on this Earth and I’ve accomplished little good. If we survive, when we survive the day, I’ll put a stop to it.”
Jessica: “But you have done good, you made me and we survive the day, I’m going to eat that fucking witch, starting with her face.”

Other bits: Steve Newlin’s been missing for six months, Andy’s date with Holly went awry and Maxine’s elderly neighbour was the only vampire we saw killed in daylight.

Marnie/Antonia (to her coven): “But understand this – vampires are not immortal. They are only harder to kill and that is where our humanity is our greatest advantage, for our human spirits are immortal. I stand before you as living proof of this very fact. I have matched my human spirit against their emptiness and I have now won. Now I require your support, so we may do so again. Let us show these vampires the fury and power of the human spirit. We have waited 400 years for this. Who of you will join me?”

Chronology: From where “I Wish I Was The Moon” left off and standout music wise, it’s gotta be Nick Lowe’s “Cold Grey Light Of Dawn”.

Well, while I preferred the previous episode, I have to admit that “Cold Grey Light Of Dawn” is fantastic. It’s nice to see Marnie/Antonia step up her game as a credible foe and while Jessica’s demise would be effective, I’m still hoping for Jason to save her.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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