Friday, August 12, 2011

Top TV Pairings Part 7

Here's my penultimate part in the Top TV Pairings special. I should have the next part up by next Sunday.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Willow Rosenberg/Tara McClay

Long before the likes of The L Word and Lip Service and certainly before Brittana, the power lesbian couple on TV were witchy duo Willow and Tara and undoubtedly, they were also the best relationship that Joss Whedon ever devised as well. So much that it stung like a fecker when Tara was killed by misogynistic nerd Warren during the series sixth season. Kennedy was an okay addition in the seventh year but the spark wasn't the same sadly.

Glee - Kurt Hummell/Blaine Anderson

Much as I love this show, at least 80% of the relationships either bore, annoy or largely make me feel indifferent. Given the overexposure of Blaine as a character, there's a chance I might feel that way about him and Kurt in Season 3 but for now, they're the best of a surprisingly uninspired lot and I say that as a huge fan of the show.

Misfits - Simon Bellamy/Alisha Bailey

Every now and then you get an unexpected relationship and the one between Simon and Alisha in the series second year was certainly. The writers did a brilliant job with this timey-wimey (ish) love arc and hopefully the more settled version of the pairing will still be a joy to watch in the upcoming third series.

Dexter - Dexter Morgan/Lumen Pierce

I was a big fan of Dexter/Rita during the show's first four years but something about Dexter's relationship with rape victim, Lumen struck a massive chord with the series. It did seem for the first time, Dexter was allowed to be emotionally honest with a woman. It made sense that their relationship came to an end after Lumen finished off her attackers, but as an arc, it was a captivating viewing experience.

Merlin - Arthur Pendragon/Guinevere

Much better than the Camelot version of the love story, this Arthur and Gwen is one we've seen develop over three years with some needed changes as well. I personally cannot wait to see how much further their relationship is explored during the fourth year.

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