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My Review of True Blood's 4x06: "I Wish I Was The Moon"

Written by Raelle Tucker
Directed by Jeremy Podeswa

Bill: “Sookie is not mine.”
Eric: “But you love her.”
Bill: “Irrelevant.”

Okay, so that exchange of quotes is nowhere near as funny as the one Bill made about Sookie’s prowess but here’s another episode where the two vampires who love/are obsessed with Sookie duke it out and one of them managed to have sex with the supernatural tinged barmaid at the end of the episode.

Eric, alone for his cringe inducing comments should be gagged but he made some rather perceptive points about Bill and Sookie, points I have a feeling that probably enraged certain viewers of this show but certainly good pointers none the less.

Bill isn’t over Sookie by a long shot but seems to have accepted (to a point) that their relationship is over but at the same time, was spurred by his jealousy and hatred for Eric is trying to bring the true death to the amnesiac vampire.

Until normal circumstances, Bill would’ve gone through with killing Eric but the other vampire’s comments managed to spare his life. Unfortunately they made me want to barf a little. Even in an amnesiac state, I have a hard time believing that Eric would both submit to Bill and even give his rival some hope for Sookie. It just seemed a little too out of character for a character who isn’t acting himself. Does that make sense?

However for those of you who are delighted that Eric managed to be freed from Bill and his AVL henchmen, the plus side to this episode was both the Viking vampire and Sookie finally getting it on. Again, I am not a shipper but it was a nicely done scene between Sookie and Eric and the most hardcore of shipper should probably be pleased with the results.

That being said, I really hope for Sookie’s sake that she doesn’t allow herself to actually fall in love with Eric. I doubt Adele said the relationship wouldn’t last for her own amusement in the afterlife and truth be told, Sookie also has other issues that are worth addressing as well, such as her fairy lineage and Jason’s own supernatural problems.

I don’t believe for a second that we would’ve been subjected to Jason being kidnapped, raped and savaged by the Hotshot crew if the end didn’t result in him becoming a were panther. Granted, they’re a dumb bunch but just because Jason didn’t change during this full moon, it doesn’t mean that he won’t during the next one.

I liked that Jason actually had to tell Sookie about what happened to him and that we got to see her in supportive sister mode. Okay, so his scenes with Jessica comforting him were a lot more interesting (I’m getting worried – I might actually like a Jason/Jessica pairing) but at the same time, it’s just nice to see Jason and Sookie actually interact more with each other.

Speaking of interaction, anyone else slightly disappointed that Sookie couldn’t tell that Sam wasn’t himself? I know shifters are harder to read but Sookie’s been friends with Sam long enough that she should’ve been a tad suspicious when he fired her in the manner that he did. Still, considering that Sookie barely even seems to work at her job, I’m not surprised that Tommy took it upon himself to fire her whilst looking like Sam.

Ah, Tommy – last week I felt bad for you and this week you reminded me of what a little shit you are. Firing Sookie is hardly the worst thing he could’ve done but sleeping with Luna and running her was pretty damn nasty. I know Tommy didn’t deliberately intend to turn into Sam but he could’ve made an effort to not try and wreck his brother’s love life, especially given that Sam’s actually been trying to help him again.

In terms of helping, can I just say that Jesus’s grandfather really is the worst person to turn to in times of need? Sure, his antics got Lafayette to possess a spirit but they also nearly got Jesus killed via rattlesnake and a decent person would’ve conveyed the information about Marnie through conversation rather than bullshit sacrifices. Just saying is all.

Also while we’re on the communication front, it’s nice that Tara and Naomi actually got to talk honestly about the former’s double life but why the heck did we have to have Pam go feral and attack Naomi? Hasn’t Tara been crapped on enough in this show? How many lovers is that girl going to lose? If Naomi does survive Pam, then I have a horrid feeling that Tara’s going to be single again anyways.

In better plots, it did seem like the creepy doll and baby plot with Arlene, Terry and Mikey is advancing. Arlene clearly loves her son but was worried that he caused the fire. The fact that Mikey is seeing spirits as well probably won’t be a comfort to Arlene if she becomes privy to that piece of information.

Last but not least – Marnie/Antonia have combined forces and I will be one disappointed viewer if Luis does not meet the sun. Considering that he took absolute pleasure in raping Antonia before her death, I really do hope that he gets one hell of a comeuppance for the crap he subjected her.

Also, six episodes in, it’s nice that Marnie finally has the power that she’s been craving for. I’m aware that the consequences will be dire for nearly everyone involved but it also means that the storylines will finally progress and it’s certainly high time that the vampires of this show were taken down a peg or not.

Also in “I Wish I Was The Moon”

Can we get Eric a new set of clothes now? That tracksuit combo has kinda worn it’s sell by date.

Eric (re Bill): “Who is this vampire to you?”
Sookie: “He is your King.”

I think this is the first episode we’ve had this season where a main or recurring character hasn’t died. Well, apart from seeing Antonia’s execution again.

Bill: “Believe it or not but my entire existence does not revolve around what or who is between your legs.”
Sookie: “Don’t you dare speak to me like that.”

Jesus: “Sometimes there are more important things than pride, Grandpa.”

Anyone else bored of Andy’s treatment of Sam? On the plus side, I am interested in seeing what his date with Holly will turn out to be like.

Tara: “Long story.”
Naomi: “Then you better start telling it.”

Debbie: “I don’t know anyone other than Sookie and she hates me.”
Alcide: “You’ve got me, we’re together. I thought that’s what you wanted.”

Alcide caved in a little too easily with him and Debbie joining Marcus’s pack, didn’t he? Also, the hostility between Debbie and Sookie could be smelled a mile off.

Jason: “The second I start sprouting fur, I want you to shoot me right in the head.”
Sookie: “I’m not gonna shoot you.”
Jason: “But you promised.”
Sookie: “I promised I’d take care of you.”

Debbie: “Hey Sookie, did I scare you?”

Standout music: Neko Case’s “I Wish I Was The Moon”.

Pam (to Tara/Naomi): “Girls, no need to squabble. There’s plenty of me to go around.”

Marnie/Antonia: “Father Luis, what a surprise. Coincidence you think or fate?”
Luis: “Antonia.”
Marnie/Antonia: “I know I look different but you made such a mess of my last body, this one will have to do.”
Luis: “You mad whore. You burned my maker. This time you will scream.”

Chronology: Straight from where “Me And The Devil” left off with Sookie and Eric.

Overall, I really loved this episode. Yes, “I Wish I Was The Moon” had some niggles but it was such a great character driven episode, it was hard not to love. More importantly, both this season and Marnie have really found their groove, so kudos on that one too.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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