Monday, August 22, 2011

My Review of True Blood's 4x09: "Let's Get Out Of Here"

Written by Brian Buckner
Directed by Romeo Tirone

Sookie (re Bill/Eric): “I think I’m in love with both of you.”
Bill: “You can’t be. That’s not who you are.”

And what’s that sound I hear in the background? Yes, it’s the sound of certain Sookie/Eric shippers baying for Alan Ball’s blood and they’re a tougher crowd to get through than a starved vampire or vengeful witch combined. So, Sookie loves both Bill and Eric? Let’s discuss.

Regardless of the fact that a year has passed between seasons, Sookie’s time in fairyland already meant that time passed less for her, so the fact that a part of her subconscious (fuelled by Bill’s blood) is admitting that she still has some romantic feelings for her first love shouldn’t be a radical shock to folks.

And then there’s Eric, who Sookie has been taking care, ingesting his blood like Bill and also developing romantic feelings for as well. Sookie’s relationships with both Bill and Eric are/probably should be doomed but you can’t argue with the points the girl raises in her own sex dreams, now can you?

If it’s alright for Bill and Eric to claim Sookie as theirs for the last four seasons, then it is most definitely alright for her to turn around and tell them that she owns them too. I actually like that side of Sookie for some reason. Why shouldn’t she own her sexuality and make a stand for herself? Despite their protests, Bill and Eric did somewhat seem to agree to the idea in the end.

Of course, this was all a dream and the real Bill was busy trying to keep public favour at a vampire tolerance meeting that Eric royally fucked up thanks to Marnie/Antonia wielding power over him. I can’t wait to see how PR lady Nan is going to spin this latest disaster to a vampire advantage. She’s gonna have her work cut out for her.

I sympathised with Marnie/Antonia at the start of the season but now she’s gone too far and has become just as bad as the vampires that raped and executed her all those centuries ago. Holding her own coven hostage was bad enough but her actions at that meeting cost innocent lives and it just proved that Marnie/Antonia needs to be stopped before any more bloodshed is caused.

I complained that last week Tara didn’t begin to question Marnie/Antonia’s actions and hoped that Bill saving her life would give her some perspective. Thankfully some in the writing staff was listening because Tara made me proud in this episode on a few occasions.

Not only did she question Marnie/Antonia but she also realised that the woman was fucking insane and at least made an attempt to escape with Holly and the others from the Moon Goddess Emporium. While Tara might have failed on that one, she at least managed to get Sookie out of harm’s way, so for that alone, you gotta love her this week.

However, I just realised that I really want some more scenes with Sookie and Marnie/Antonia in the final three episodes for some reason. Just a few. I don’t expect Sookie to be the one to eventually stop her (somehow I think that’s either going to be Lafayette, Bill or Eric) but some more scenes with them would be lovely.

Speaking of more scenes, I really enjoyed the whole ‘alliance’ between Sookie and Debbie in this episode as well. Debbie’s clearly on the mantra of keeping her enemies closer and while Sookie tried to assure her about Alcide, it’s pretty obvious that Sookie should be preparing herself for another showdown with the volatile werewolf soon. Debbie clearly set Sookie up for a fall with Marnie/Antonia and she wasn’t best pleased when it fell apart.

As for Alcide – dude, just break up with Debbie already. If he tries to break up with her honestly, maybe Debbie won’t go bat shit crazy on his ass and also get her away from Marcus too. It’s a shame that this week Marcus became a one dimensional douche with his beat down on Sam/Tommy but at least Alcide knows who exactly Marcus is now.

On the subject of Tommy – I’ll admit it, I felt bad for him again. Last time he posed as Sam, he tried to wreck his life; this time around he was trying to make amends. That being said though, I can’t see Sam rushing to thank him anytime soon for that. I did like that Alcide came to Tommy’s defence though.

As for Sam, Luna and Emma, I liked the whole camping trip. Seeing that caring side to Sam again is better than flashbacks where he kills people but maybe the rabbit petting was a little too much. I mean the intention was obviously good natured but it did feel a little weird too.

Keeping with the weird, I am glad the Lafayette/Mavis possession ended in this episode and more glad that Jason, Hoyt, Arlene, Terry and Andy actually saw Mavis pass on when she got her clarity by holding her dead child. Some great acting from Nelsan Ellis during this one too, though Andy’s V addiction needs to end already, especially now that Debbie’s back on the stuff. One addict per season, please show?

Last but not least – Hoyt disappointed me slightly by packing all of Jessica’s stuff in a box and labelling it ‘monster’. I get that he’s angry and reacting like a real person would in the situation but it’s still rather sad to see nonetheless. And he’s going to have even more reason to be pissed when he finds out that Jason and Jessica did it in the former’s pick up truck. Come on, like that wasn’t going to happen already? I was actually pleased they got it out of the way if I’m being honest.

Also in “Let’s Get Out Of Here”

Was this episode supposed to be called “Run”, only to be changed at the last minute? That’s twice this has happened this season, title wise.

Bill (to Alcide): “Werewolf, I’m gonna need you to shut the fuck up.”

Debbie was watching an episode of Cheaters before Alcide came home. So far, he hasn’t actually cheated on Debbie, not even emotionally – yet!

Marnie/Antonia (re Tara): “Does she speak for everyone?”
Holly: “She sure as hell speaks for me.”
Roy: “Not for me.”

Marnie/Antonia: “Nobody leaves.”
Tara: “Or what?”
Marnie/Antonia: “Try it and you’ll find out.”

Marnie/Antonia basically locked the doors and made the handles hot. Anyone of those wiccans could’ve smashed a bloody window to get out. Preferably the same one Sookie got in through.

Jessica: “You’re nothing like you are on TV.”
Nan: “Aw, thanks.”

Eric: “What are you doing here?”
Bill: “Ask Sookie. It’s her dream.”

Apparently Nan has never made a vampire herself and thanks to Jessica, she seems to be content with that. I did love Nan and Bill’s sniping when they were silvered down together.

Lafayette/Mavis: “You sound like a white man.”
Andy: “You know damn well I’m a white man.”

Sookie: “Debbie, I understand being jealous but you tried to kill me. That isn’t something you can expect me to forget.”
Debbie: “That’s not what I came for.”

Standout music: Les Savvy Fav’s “Let’s Get Out Of Here” and I just realised that in the midst of all the action this week, Pam was actually missing from proceedings.

Jesus (to Mavis): “It’s time you found him and held him but now, I need my Lafayette back.”

Sookie (to Bill): “Run!”

Chronology: Straight from where “Spellbound” left off.

Blimey, this was a big one, episode wise. “Let’s Get Out Of Here” resolved the Mavis plot, really further Marnie/Antonia’s rage against the vampires and also seemed to cement the fact that there are a good candidates who will probably be goners within the three weeks. Somehow I don’t think Bill and Eric will amongst those soon to be departed.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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