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Being Human - Season 4 Cast Pictures/Massive Spoilers

Massive Warning - there are some HUGE spoilers to follow, so if you don't want to know what's happening in Series 4, do not read any further.

First of all, here's a cast shot of a merged generation - Hal (Damien Molony), Annie (Lenora Crichlow), Tom (Michael Socha) and George (Russell Tovey). Yes, folks - Nina (Sinead Keenan) is no longer a regular on the show and neither is Russell Tovey to an extent either.

Annie is seemingly going to get a lot more responsibility as the series progresses, considering that she's got two new friends to look after in both Tom and Hal. I guess Annie will be our only link to a new generation for this show.

Russell Tovey confirmed back in November that he had left the series and with the press release and Nina's absence, I get the feeling that George leaves in the opening episode. I could be wrong though but damn, it's a shame to see both George and Nina leave the show.

Hal is our new vampire and he's a bit of a posh one too. He's also had experiences with living with werewolf Leo (who we see in Hal's prequel) and a ghost named Pearl back in the 1950's but when he moves to Honolulu Heights, there is some tension between him and Tom before they develop a respect for each other.

We met Tom last year and he obviously proved popular enough to bring back into the fold as a regular. Of course along with our newish gang, the season also has an array of impressive guest actors as well this series including Alex Jennings, Mark Gatiss, James Lance, Mark Williams, Amanda Abbingdon, Craig Roberts (reprising his role as teenage vampire Adam), Selina Griffiths and Ellie Kendrick to name but a few as well as a genuinely shocking death and the show being taken to a new place, whatever that may be, plus a list of who's writing each episode ...

Episode One - Toby Whithouse

Episode Two - Lisa McGee

Episode Three - Jamie Mathieson

Episode Four - Tom Grieves

Episode Five – Tom Grieves

Episode Six - John Jackson

Episode Seven - Toby Whithouse

Episode Eight - Toby Whithouse

Character Profiles:
Hal Prequel:

Season 4 airs in late January on BBC3.

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