Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Proposal Or Two

And here's my first TV jumble of 2012. I was meant to do this last week but things keps coming up, so here it is.

American Horror Story: Okay, an interesting selection of episodes here. I was certainly surprised with the reveal of what really happened to Violet more than I was about Tate being rubber man (I mean, who didn't see that coming?) but stories about Dahlias, Patrick/Chad's relationship and antichrist babies aside, what can the final two episodes really do to shock us all? Though, again in the unexpected category if this was Larry's last hurrah in the show, then it's been fun time.
Desperate Housewives: I've seen the first three episodes of the eighth and final season and I'm conflicted. On one hand, the majority of the storylines have been interesting and some of the side one have been less tedious than previous series but at the same time, watching these episodes has made me realise that it really is time for the show to end. It's amazing how Alejandro's death is affecting each of the characters but watching Renee's storyline sometimes feels like a different show, though I'm sure Ben has more to him than what we've seen so far. Oh and Bree's totally shot herself in the foot with Chuck, hasn't she?

Glee: It's been a month and while some fans seem to be wanting to abandon this show for Smash (which I will give a chance to), I enjoyed last night's episode. Who would've thought that Helen Mirren would be what Becky's mind sounds like? More importantly, the proposals in this episode certainly were interesting enough, though Finn's motives for popping the question seemed to make less sense compared to Will's though and even with the smallest amount of snark, Santana still had some wonderful moments in this episode and I enjoyed the swim team plot but not that coach. Oh and song wise - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Without You and We Found Love were the highlights.

Mrs Browns Boys: To be filed under 'extreme guilty pleasure' - I absolutely love this show. I don't think about the storylines, I don't overanalyse a thing about it. I sit back and listen to the jokes and while I know most of them from past DVDs and stuff, it's still great fun to watch. The second run of episodes have been every bit as funny as the first (organisms, lion attacks, robot babies, etc) and I'm pleased that UK viewers seem to be enjoying this show as much as I am. Brendan O'Carroll really does play Agnes Brown too well.

Shameless: It's the return of this show (and it's US version) and once again, it's a mixed bag. I enjoyed some of the moments but I do think it's gotten to a point now where this show needs to be put down for it's own good. Frank is even more pointless as a character and with the imminent departure of Carl in a few weeks time, there really won't be a just reason to keep him on board. Also, am I the only who doesn't care about Mimi and Billy? I can't be, surely - they're just embarrassingly bad to watch and the plot with Operation New Start fizzled out pretty sharpish. That being said, Gloria seems like an alright character and the handling of Kelly's miscarriage has been one of the better plots for the series.

The Vampire Diaries: Now that was excellent. Isn't this usually the time fans turn on shows like this and whinge on them for being stale/repetitive/etc? They better not with this show because if anything, the antics of Mystic Falls and beyond have gotten more and more interesting - Elena's crappy 18th birthday, Jeremy's new ability, the unusual Klaus/Stefan partnership and even Caroline/Tyler have made the first two episodes of the series an unbridled joy to watch. An excellent start to the opening of this year.

- Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell have been cast as Rachel's dads, Hiram and LeRoy Berry for Glee's Valentine's Day episode. About bloody time. Samuel Larson will also debut in that episode too.
- CBS have commissioned a modern day version of Sherlock Holmes called Elementary. Er, why?
- Expect some violence at an upcoming Klaus dinner party in The Vampire Diaries.
- Grant Bowler will be playing a leading role in upcoming SyFy drama, Defiance.
- Jessica Lange is considering returning to American Horror Story, even though the second year will be radically different to the first one.
- Game Of Thrones second season will return on HBO April 1st and on SkyAtlantic April 2nd.

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