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Doctor Who - Series 7: 10 Characters/Monsters Who Could Return

Okay, Blogtor Who has done a similar list to this (a few actually), so I thought I'd do one more of 10 characters/monsters that I'd like to see return in the next two years on Doctor Who and possibly could. There's an element of humour in this but there's also some serious suggestions. Also, you'll notice there are obvious exemptions but they're not on the list because I assume that they're characters/monsters who will resurface during Series 7 and the 50th anniversary. So, without further ado, here's the list.

1: The Master

I honest to God love this character. To me, he is the best villain this show has ever done and there's nothing out there that will convince me otherwise. I think every incarnation of the character has been interesting and John Simm was particularly wonderful as well. Perhaps Simm could have one encounter with Eleven before he regenerates into another non-predictable choice. It'd be the best of both worlds, wouldn't it?

2: Davros

For the man responsible for the creation of the Daleks, it's probably an impressive feat that Davros has been used so sparingly over the course of 32 seasons of the show but surely, it's time for another encounter. Something epic and grandiose (and cohesive too, right)? I think so. Another character that when written right is a far more superior villain than his creations or the Cybermen. Also an encounter between him and Eleven seems like an opportunity too good to miss right now.

3: Craig Owens

I think it can actually be argued nicely at this point that minus actually travelling in the TARDIS, Craig Owens really is a companion of the Eleventh Doctor. Twice, he's helped the Doctor out of serious scrapes and the chemistry/rapport between Matt Smith and James Corden has been so wonderful to watch that surely another outing with these two needs to happen, right? If Gareth Roberts is contracted to write for Series 7, I would actually be disappointed if he doesn't get to return the lovable fella from Colchester one more time.

4: Canton Everett Delaware III

Arguably one of the best things from the opening story of the previous series, Canton actually can also be argued as another companion of the Eleventh Doctor. He certainly went above and beyond in helping the Doctor, Amy, Rory and River in defeating the Silence and the reception for him has been pretty damn good. I'm not sure how Canton could be reintroduced but I'm sure Moffat would think of a believable way of reusing the character again.

5: Jo Jones

We saw her last in The Sarah Jane Adventures classic Death Of The Doctor and her rapport with the Doctor in that story was nothing short of magnificent. Perhaps it's more than time she returned to the parent show. I'm curious to learn what else she managed to get up to in the last few decades and I can't be the only one.

6: Madame Vastra/Jenny

Ah, A Good Man Goes To War certainly produced two of the most well received characters when it came to these two. It's not everyday you get a human/Silurian coupling and while The Brilliant Book 2012 more or less covered their back story, I still don't see why we can't get a ripping Victorian adventure with these two ladies and the Doctor/New Companion. After all, this show does have a fondness for that particular time period.

7: Jenny

The Doctor's Daughter is always a conflicting episode for viewers. Some love/like it and some thoroughly detest it/generally found the whole thing pointless and while I don't want a series of the Doctor travelling with his offspring (because the next regular companion needs to not be related to him), I do think an episode where Jenny catches up with her father could actually be a rather fun episode. I mean, we've seen River more frequently over the last two series, so an episode with Jenny could work alright.


One of the oddest things has been the lack of a UNIT presence in this series, apart from the fourth series. While I don't want the show to become any more Earth bound than necessary, it would be nice to see a bit more of the organisation helping the Doctor out from time to time and if we can't have Martha/Mickey representing them, surely the lovely (if trigger happy) Erisa Magambo could come back for a bit. Like Colonel Mace, Marion Price etc, she did seem to actually like the Doctor.

9: Ice Warriors

You would've thought that this lot would've resurfaced on the show by now. They were in more episodes than the Silurians in the Classic Series, we've had them mentioned in The Waters Of Mars and they did last appear in the book, The Silent Stars Go By. Actually, thinking on it, the Ice Warriors would be a perfect foe for a Christmas special. Please, Moffat, go there. In some ways, the story practically writes itself.

10: Jeff Angelo

Okay, probably the least likely of choices (especially considering the actor's busy as a hunky knight on Merlin) but I had a rather soft spot for Jeff and after his contribution in The Eleventh Hour, I am a little curious to find out what job he landed. Plus, I think there was a slight missed opportunity in not featuring him in some of the Amy/Rory/Mels flashbacks in Let's Kill Hitler, so maybe a brief appearance during Series 7 could happen. Just me then.

Okay, those are my choices - what are yours?

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