Tuesday, January 24, 2012

True Blood - Season 5 Casting News

Haven't done this in a bit but here's some casting new for the upcoming fifth season of True Blood.

First off all, the role of Claude has been recast. last year, Neil Hopkins played the role in the fourth season episode, She's Not There but this year, British actor, Giles Matthey will be taking on the role of the fairy stripper who encounters Jessica earlier in the season. There's been rumours that a supernatural strip club will appear during Season 5, so I'm guessing that is how Claude is going to factor into the show.

Elsewhere former Law And Order: SVU actor Chris Meloni has also gotten a prominent role on the series. He's playing a member of the Authority and one that could spell trouble for Bill and Eric as well. Another actor playing an Authority based vampire is Christopher Heyerdahl as Dieter Braun. The titles for the first four episodes of Season 5 are Turn, Turn, Turn, Authority Always Wins, Whatever I Am, You Made Me and We'll Meet Again.

Season 4 will air on FXUK, Sundays at 10pm from February 5th while Season 5 will premiere on HBO from June.

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