Friday, January 20, 2012

My Review of Revenge's 1x05: "Guilt"

Written by Nikki Toscano
Directed by Kenneth Fink

David: “Never underestimate the power of guilt, Amanda. It can compel some people to pretty remarkable places.”

Guilt, guilt, guilt – what an interesting and obvious theme for this show and respective episode. Everyone here had something or another to feel guilty about and at least one person really paid for it this week as well.

Lydia – well, I expected her continuous presence in this show to come to an end at some point, so her death at the hands of a scuffle with Frank was a good way of exiting the character but before she went – just how guilty did Lydia really feel about her relationship with the Graysons?

She certainly didn’t feel guilty with the ten million dollars she took from Conrad and even didn’t feel all that guilty with a plot to humiliate him and Victoria in one of the worst ways possible before Victoria was able to nuke her in her tracks but even then, I felt a little bad for her to a degree.

Lydia, underneath it all did seem to be a rather pathetic but tragic-ish type of a person. Her attempts to make amends with Victoria seemed genuine to a certain degree and while her death was imminent, it wasn’t entirely deserved either. Of course, she had made too many enemies at this point and if Frank hadn’t inadvertently caused her to fall to her death, then Emily might have been put in a rather awkward predicament as well.

I was waiting for someone other than Nolan to finally piece together that Emily is Amanda Clarke and thanks to a little digging and some spotting on a photo, Lydia actually pieced Emily’s real identity together rather nicely. Lydia also spent most of this episode determined to get Emily out of her house and now she’s failed in a big way.

For all the pushing Emily has been doing with Nolan, she really should be thanking her lucky stars that Nolan had her back this week. Yes, he had no right to put a camera in his house but without Emily sending the thing in Lydia’s direction, Emily wouldn’t have been prepared for Lydia nearly wrecking her best laid plans. I think it’s time Emily actually accepted Nolan’s help because she certainly can’t rid of him at this moment in time.

This wasn’t Nolan’s best episode but the few scenes he did appear in were great and worthwhile as always. He managed to get the list of the catering staff off Lydia’s fax before anyone else could get it and he did have Emily’s back once again, so Emily really does need to start trusting the guy because at this rate, he’s more than earned it, hasn’t he?

Speaking of trust, nice to know that Victoria’s inability to trust Conrad continues to be more and more justified with each passing moment. Lydia created enough tension between them and Daniel also didn’t help matter either. I personally think Victoria should just divorce the guy already. Lydia might be dead now but something tells me she wasn’t the first person Conrad’s cheated on his wife and she won’t be the last either for that matter.

As for Daniel and Emily, it was nice to see that they did manage to sort out their differences in this episode (they even ended this one with them two having sex for the first time) but I can’t help thinking both of them need to keep a watchful eye on Tyler rather sharpish though. Daniel was annoyed that Tyler lied about Emily but didn’t really do anything about it though. As for Emily, she sensed that Tyler was going to be a problem so I hope for her sake she knows how to deal with him when he does create more havoc.

When it comes to havoc though – I thought Charlotte’s little joyride with Declan was oddly light hearted. What, no booze and drugs during their antics? I think Charlotte’s going to have to try a lot harder if she wants to get her mother’s attention and having Daniel and Emily bailing her out probably won’t help matters though I did like that once Daniel and Jack got their hostility out of the way, the former asked for a job in the latter’s bar. Now that could be an interesting little side story.

Also in “Guilt”

Another week, another function – this time Victims United for the Open Arms gala for the families of the victims of Flight 197.

Nolan: “It wouldn’t kill you to try and be nice to me.”
Emily: “Not part of the plan.”

It’s been five episodes already and I feel like Ashley is the least developed character of the bunch. The girl needs more to do than be Victoria’s whipping girl already.

Declan (to Jack, re bar): “This place drove Dad to his grave. I’m not going out like that.”

Victoria (re forgiveness): “Exactly how many times do I have to apologise before you do?”
Charlotte: “You wish I’d never been born. Do me a favour and pretend I wasn’t.”

Emily used the fact that Lydia had been a patient of Michelle and hadn’t her session exposed to plant doubt Victoria about the woman’s motives and made it look like Lydia was responsible for everything so far. Smooth work, Emily.

Daniel: “I’m such an idiot.”
Emily: “Yeah, a little bit.”

Nolan (re Emily’s catering past): “I’m surprised you didn’t go all ninja on them then and there.”

Emily catered as Amanda at a New Year’s Eve Party in 2003 that was for the victims of Flight 197, attended by Victoria and Lydia. Flight 197 crashed in 1995, when David Clarke was framed for his involvement with it.

Victoria (re Lydia’s plans): “You have proof of this?”
Frank: “I’m staring at it right now.”

Victoria: “Understand something, Lydia. Every time I smile across the room or we run into each other at luncheon or I welcome you into my home, let that smile be a reminder of just how much I despise you and every time I hug you, the warmth you feel is my hatred burning through.”

Standout music: Little Dragon’s “Twice” which played at the end of the episode.

Emily: “Guilt is a powerful affliction. You can try to turn your back on it but that’s when it creeps up behind you and eats you alive.”

Chronology: More or less from “Duplicity” left off.

Now this was a brilliant episode. “Guilt” might not have done anything inventively thematically but in terms of showing just how much Emily’s actions are costing the people she’s attacking; it certainly does make the show a lot more interesting to watch.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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