Thursday, January 05, 2012

Revenge - A Show Where The Lady Holds A Grudge Well

Let's face it - when it comes to having hit series, ABC have arguably had better years. Gone are the days of Lost and Desperate Housewives (well, May 2012 for the latter) and here are the days where something technically brilliant like Pan Am should work well but has suffered from poor ratings and writing problems and something as offensively bad as Work It has seemed to crash like a lead balloon (please cancel that shit). It's probably a good thing that ABC have stalwarts like Grey's Anatomy and Modern Family in it's corner and I guess I can say it now - Revenge.

The show starring Emily Van Camp as Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke was pretty much billed as a female version of The Count Of Monte Cristo with Van Camp's character coming back to the Hamptons in order to wreck havoc on the people who destroyed her father's life whilst seemingly attaching herself to the son of one of her targets.

I've seen various clips online and I have to admit, it's a little less tougher than Ringer (which I utterly love) but shamelessly, it revels in it's own soapy camp fun and it's probably the very type of show both ABC and Emily Van Camp needed in their lives right now. Also, it's given us the rather interesting bisexual billionaire Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) as Emily's go to guy in her general scheming. The show was already picked up for a full season and it's looking further likely it'll get renewed for a second year as well. Here's hoping a UK broadcaster gets on this one soon too.

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