Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Glee - Season 3 And Spin-Off Plans/Spoilers

With the second half of Glee's third season due to air on Tuesday on FOX, here's a guide of what you need to know about it's return. Yes, there's spoilers.

The first episode is called Yes/No and as you can tell, there's a proposal between Will and Emma in this particular story. It's also the same episode that sees our New Directions lot joining the swim team with a fierce coach played by reality TV star Nene Leakes. This episode also features Helen Mirren voicing the inner thoughts of a character as well as versions of We Found Love, Summer Nights and The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face to name a few.

As for the next episode - it's the Michael Jackson tribute episode and it's called Michael with both New Directions and the Warblers banding together to pay tribute for the deceased pop icon and it's certainly going to be an interesting episode. Not only is Sebastian responsible hurting a main character but both him and Santana also lock horns and duet on Smooth Criminal. Eat him alive, Santana. Expect all the big Jacko numbers in this one.

And then there's the 12th episode, not sure what it's title happens to be but it does a) see the absence of Blaine for a bit and b) debut Ricky Martin as a Spanish teacher who performs Sexy And I Know It as well as a duet with Will at one point. Originally Gloria Estefan was supposed to feature in the same episode as Ricky but hers is coming later in the series as she's playing Santana's mother and yes, it does seem that Pitbull is also guesting in an upcoming episode as well.

However the biggest news in relation to the show's future is that while it's been renewed for a fourth season (was there any doubt?), Rachel/Finn/Kurt will still graduate and remain on the series, though how I do not know. That also means that a spin-off has been ruled out and also Grant Gustin's 'villainous' Sebestian Smythe is also becoming a regular for the fourth year. Whether or not, both Sam and Rory will also become regulars remains to be seen but here's hoping it's not history repeating for Chord Overstreet. I'm relieved we're not getting a spin-off though - I don't think one was really needed to be honest but I might be in a minority there.

Glee returns on FOX, Tuesdays at 8pm from January 17th and will return to Sky1 soon.

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