Saturday, January 14, 2012

Doctor Who - The Next Companion Speculation Casting Male

Yesterday I did a list of potential actresses who could be the next TARDIS occupants on Doctor Who but seeing as male companions also exist, I thought I'd do a male list as well. It was harder compiling this one but here are some possible candidates for the new guy in the TARDIS.

Craig Roberts: I'm not gonna lie here, the only thing I've seen this guy in is his guest appearance on Being Human last year and the online spin-off but if we're in need of a cheeky chappie male in the TARDIS to counter the Doctor, I can't think of a better actor than Roberts for the gig. He's certainly got a biting sarcasm, one that could even draw blood too.

Douglas Booth: Like with Imogen Poots in the female list, Douglas has previously worked with Matt Smith in last year's Christopher And His Kind and the two of them, erm, certainly had sparks, didn't they? Nah, seriously Booth is a good actor and has cropped up in recent productions such as Worried About The Boy and Great Expectations, so maybe a more permanent TV gig would be good for him.

Iwan Rheon: Another former star of Misfits and arguably the best male actor in his 20s as well, Iwan is definitely on a list of actors who just should pop on Doctor Who, even if it's just for a guest role. Then again, maybe in a few years, he could be the Doctor but if not, he'd make an awesome companion. Maybe another Turlough, though better written this time?

Mark Sheppard: I hate doing the whole tick the boxes thing but if we have to, then Canton would be the perfect next companion - male/gay/older/period/not British and played by an awesomely reliable actor in Mark Sheppard. Even if he doesn't return as a recurring/new companion, I think one more story with Canton is definitely warranted, yes? He's so wonderful a creation, he could usurp Jack. Yes, I actually went there.

Theo James: You'll probably know this guy from getting physical with Billie Piper in A Passionate Woman or causing Mary Crawley a lot of headache in Downton Abbey or more likely, you'll have seen him as the leading character in SkyLiving's Bedlam, a show that's now scrapped it's original cast for a new lot. He's easy on the eye, can act and I could see him playing a brooding character who finds that he's more of an open book compared to the mad man in the box.

Okay, that's my list of fantastic fellas who could be in the TARDIS - what are yours?

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