Monday, January 30, 2012

How To (Re)Solve A Problem Like Torchwood?

According to a recent interview with actress Eve Myles, apparently she wants to see a closure to Torchwood but has admitted nothing is happening with the show this year. Also considering that RTD is back in the UK and currently focusing his energies on upcoming CBBC series, Aliens Vs. Wizards and personal matters, it looks like we'll be waiting a while but the question is - how do you resolve a problem like Torchwood? Miracle Day wasn't the show at it's height and I have been wondering if there's actually much left to tell, story wise anyways. I suppose two options for resolving Torchwood could be ...

a) Commission a 90 minute special, finish up the storyline with the Families, reverse Rex's immortality and have Jack and Gwen FINALLY go their seperate ways.
b) Commission 6-8 episodes, bring it back to Cardiff, having Jack/Gwen/Rhys reopen the Hub, add some new characters and keep the tone closer to the first two series.

Either are decent options but at this rate, which one is the most likely to happen? Regardless of the quality of the last series, the show does deserve some form of closure, doesn't it?


Paul Kelly said...

Personally, I think Torchwood has run its course. I don't care about any of the threads left danging after the frankly appalling "Miracle Day". If a fifth season ever does get commissioned, I'd like to see the show return to the UK, and to the story telling of season three. Seasons one and two were flaky at best. Season three is where the show really hit its stride. Season four should have built on that: instead it changed into something other, paying little more than lip service to its roots, and introducing characters we just didn't care about.

shawnlunn2002 said...

I'd like to see it return to the UK as well. Americanising it just didn't work in the show's favour but maybe it really has had it's day. Thanks for the comment, Paul.