Tuesday, July 02, 2013

All Grown Up

This is somewhat shorter than usual but here's a roundup of some shows I've watched over the last few weeks ....

Banshee: Not a bad finale. In actual fact probably one of the better episodes of the series but I'm not sure if this is a show I'll bother really watching next series. It's not been bad but it's not been as gripping as I had hoped it would be either and while Lucas and some of the characters have grown and we've had decent antagonists (Proctor more than Mr Rabbit), I realise that I don't really care enough with the series to keep with it. Anyone else feel the same way or is it just me?

Skins: The seventh and final season started last night on TV and the first part of Fire certainly was an interesting return to form of sorts. I know some fans might have trouble getting used to the new format but personally I found it easy to get into. Effy was both more sensible than she was in fourth series and yet at the same time on the verge of making some blunders with her sleazy new boss and the company she was working for. However, it was Naomi's plot that ended up being the shocker of the episode even if the moment was ruined by a terrible use of music but at least Emily will be back for the second part of this saga. Overall, an interesting opening episode for the series.

The Americans: Five episodes in and while this show might not be as gripping as Homeland for instance, it's definitely great viewing. I still think it's unwise for ITV1 to be relegating this to a Saturday night and it probably wouldn't kill them to promote it a little better. Gripes aside there, at least Philip and Elizabeth's complicated web of lies seem to provide some interesting scenerios for the two of them as the lines between their cover and actual feelings for each other keep getting blurred. Another pleasant surprise is how the show has managed to make one of their most potential threats in neighbour Stan one of the more sympathetic characters too, especially given his protective relationship with Nina. Overall, this is a show that is shaping up quite nicely.

The Returned: Sunday nights have become a better place with this show. I know the critics are perhaps gushing a little too much about it but the last few episodes have not only built on the impressive opening episode but actually surpassed it as well. The backstories for the likes of Simon, Julie and Victor have been impressive to watch as has the growing rivalry and strangeness surrounding both Camille and Lena (what is causing that gash on the latter's back?). Plus, the gruesome moments in this show manage to be genuinely unsettling, especially with that stomach eating serial killer. Easily the best thing on television for the time being.

- Melissa George will be appearing in the fifth season of The Good Wife in a major recurring role.
- Chilean actor Pedro Pascal has been cast as Oberyn/Red Viper for the fourth season of Game Of Thrones.
- Mare Winningham will be guest starring in Revolution.
- Happy Endings is indeed over as the search for a new network has ended.
- David Bowie has been offered a role on Hannibal.
- Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. will have lots of crossovers according to actor Clark Gregg.
- Brian Austin Green will be a regular in the next season of Anger Management.
- Expect to see more DC characters in the second season of Arrow.
- Neil Gaiman has shot down rumours that HBO are adapting American Gods for a TV series.
- Rhys Ifans will be playing Mycroft Holmes in the second season of Elementary.

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