Friday, July 12, 2013

Revenge - Season 3 Casting Spoiler

It's been some time since I've posted a blog in relation to Revenge but it seems now is the perfect time as the casting for Patrick, the first born of Victoria Grayson has been revealed as ...

 ... Justin Hartley of course. The former Oliver Queen on Smallville and from the shortlived Emily Owens, MD has been cast in the role and will first appear in the third season premiere episode, titled Fear. Patrick will also be popping up in several episodes of the new season as a recurring character as well. I just hope for his sake that he fares better than Jennifer Jason Leigh did as Kara in the previous season. Personally, I think is fab casting and if he cops off with Nolan, it'll be even better too. What, one can dream right? I can't wait to see Patrick and Victoria clash/interact with each other.

Casting News:

Revenge Season 3 will air on ABC, Sundays at 9pm from September 29th.

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